too many..
too many.. stories

be__cgnot my face
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words in my head
cover your ears
they're not yours to hear

too many..

by be__cg

i have too many words too many and they all trying to kill me

they live inside my head the savest place for humilation they come with pitch forks fire torches they marched my naked body

i'm all naked in my head i'm all naked oh if only you could see

the pain behind my eyes the scars could only smile through the cracks it felt real

but don't worry breathing has never been easy lately nights and sleeps turn into enemy don't you worry

these words could only hurt me so much they're not for your eyes to see or yours to hear and that's okay

they thretened to murder me they all just bluffing so i turn them in to a song (the bad one) let them do what they only knew

and i'm still here with them barking at me waiting for the shut down

(it takes a few madness to reach sanity)

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