Small Q and A!
Small Q and A!  q&a stories

bbyxlunar “Your imperfections make you unique.” 💫
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Just answering some questions I got from comments on Instagram! You can answer some of these in the comments too.

Small Q and A!

After A Breakup- Do you prefer to be alone or with friends? Alone! :)

What sports do you do? Wrestling and Soccer

Dog or cat person? I love both- ... qwq

What age did you go on your first date? Thirteen ^^”

Do you have tattoos? Yep! A small butterfly on my ankle

Piercings? Yep! Septum and my lip.

Boy or Girl? Ehh- Gender Fluid

Pronouns? He/Him/She/Her/They/Them ;))

Age? 72 in small breed dog years- 78 in medium breed dog years ;))

Personality? Very flirtatious and dominant but super submissive and fun when you know me better.

Sexuality; I like girls- :”)

That is all I am gonna answer here- I will answer the more personal ones on Instagram ^^”

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