Chapter 1: The meeting (Bound by The Claim)
Chapter 1: The meeting (Bound by The Claim) sex stories

bberner I am the storm
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I met him when I was fifteen and he's been with me now for fourteen years. Some say I am reliving a past life while others say I have an active imagination. Who knows? This is the sequential dream series I've had for the past fourteen years about a very possessive demon...starting at the beginning. I am able to relive each detail and remember every thing. A blessing or curse? Who's to say? Forewarning, it gets very volatile.

Chapter 1: The meeting (Bound by The Claim)

My mind was fogged with rage. Anger consumed every part of my being as I drove like hell through the empty field cursing the one person who I though I could lean on.

The one person in this God forsaken world who was supposed to always be there for me. My vision blurred and doubled as I anchored my foot to the gas pedal, pressing it further toward the floor.

“That bitch!” I spoke in an unfamiliar voice, a male voice.

The headlights were dimmed by the overgrown grass as it tore underneath the tires of the small car.

Leaning with the wheel, I turned the car as the tires skipped, reaching for grip in the muddy slick of the field.

A rush of adrenaline filled my chest and face when the car leveled and drove straight once again. A yell of anxiety, anger, and a drunken stupor filled the car echoing in the small space.

Eyeing the bottle of dark liquor to my side, I quickly grabbed it, unscrewed the cap with one hand and took a long swig letting that sweet burn allow me to feel something other than betrayal.

The cap slid out of my lap and to the floor. I only looked down for a brief second before feeling the pain of glass ripping through my face and shoulders and a quick stop onto something sharp.

My body was bent and contorted around something round and large. Gaps in the object trapped my leg and arm, dislodging it from their normal position.

I closed my eyes and when they opened, I was looking upon a young man, still in high school, laying disfigured in the blades of a combine with the car crushed against the front.

“This is what happened.” A male voice spoke next to me. “I laid here for hours before I finally died. It was a slow death, one I didn’t deserve.

” He continued, pain in his voice as if he was still trapped on those blades.

When I turned to face him, all I could see was the anguish in his face. Short dark brown hair sat neatly on the top of his head, skin flawless, wearing the same clothes he died in. “Chris.

” I whispered.

It was like I had known him for years though this was the first time I had met him.

We both turned to look at his mangled bloody body, watching it loose life like it was… beautiful. “You look like her. That’s why I chose you.

” He revealed later that his longtime girlfriend had broken up with him earlier that day and this is how he chose to cope.

I looked like her. The words replayed in my head one after another until I could no longer make sense of each letter. I looked like her.

The ache began in my legs like it always had. It spread quickly to my thighs, stomach, arms, and then my chest. The weight was crushing to the point I could barely catch my breath.

My eyes were sealed shut though my mind was awake screaming to be let go. The weight went from a tingling heaviness to feeling as if a thousand fingers were pulling me into my bed.

I felt the mattress warp with my weight and the springs separate to make way for my heavy body.

The stuffing in the mattress was shifted to either side as I laid there helpless prying my eyes open. I saw the sides of the mattress curl as I was pulled into the darkness below.

I could not move, only watch. Breathing became more difficult as if someone had ripped the wind right out of my lungs leaving only this whine as I gasped for air.

I was laid on my side in the deep black hole. The hands and fingers pressed further to keep me from moving though I had no will to fight.

There was no air to be found but I kept wheezing for anything I could grasp to soothe the choking cry echoing in the darkness from my throat.

The spike of electricity hit me, starting at the base of my spine and slowly crawling to my neck. I tried to cry out in pain as it set every nerve I had into a blistering frenzy.

The burning filled my body with panic and terror. Him. The surge of electricity shooting through my body was the only way I knew he was near.

I was held there, helpless to fight the agony consuming my body. This had to be hell.

The room turned from the darkest of black to a deep red within seconds and for the first time, I saw him.

He stood there casually grinning at my tortuous state, head cocked and eyes filled with black. He was enjoying this.

My eyes strained to take in his figure at first, then gradually cleared until I saw short dark hair reflecting the red light, a black button-down shirt, black dress pants,

and black patent leather shoes. He stood with his hands in front of his belt, folded one on top of another. It was the glint of the ring that caught my eye.

It was on his left ring finger with a symbol I would never forget. His appearance mimicked that of a human apart from his eyes.

His mouth parted and whispered, “Caleb.” The simple sound of his voice caused the electricity in my body to spike.

A painful rush swept through every nerve I possessed and all I was able to do was lay completely motionless without so much as a twitch from the writhing agony inside.

I broke through the silence willed in my mind and begged for mercy. “Please. No more.” I pleaded for release from the constant surge of pain within my being. “Please.”

Caleb lowered his shoulders and hands dropped to his sides. His head straightened eerily slow until he stood at full attention as if I had insulted him by asking for relief. “You are mine.

” He spoke with no words forming from his mouth in a language I could not understand at first. “You are mine.

” The repetition was spoken directly to my mind in a much harsher whisper sending more torment through my nerves.

Out of the corner of my vision, I saw another figure appear or, maybe it had been there all along. As my eyes drifted and focused, Chris stood there motionless encircled by a thin black smoke.

It kept a constant pattern revolving around his body to keep him still. He called to me breaking loose a hand to reach for my aid. His mouth moved but no voice came from it. “Help.” He begged.

“He’s going to-“. It was in that moment a vortex opened between the two of us.

My mind went into a frantic craze willing my body to move, willing my hand to reach for him through the distinct sharp pain running rampant within my body.

The vortex began to consume his feet first. He screamed in defeat and agony. I continued to demand my body to move, to scream, to breath, to do anything other than lay there as tormented statue.

The vortex moved to his legs then began moving upward quickly. All the fight that was left in my mind was dwindling into despair.

I watched my friend disappear into the black hole. A deep sorrow filled my heart, feeling as if it was literally breaking.

A tear somehow escaped my eyes and hit the floor sending an echoing thump in the silence. My chest was pressed in anguish from losing Chris.

A certainty permeated in my knowledge that I would never see him again.

Caleb moved toward me, his heavy footsteps making no noise but his weight sent ripples through the room. He took his place in front of my limp mournful body using a foot to turn me on my back.

The direction of my eyes remained stationed in the spot Chris was taken, replaying the horror over and over again in my mind. “Look at me.

” I made no effort to redirect my gaze despite his request.

His presence neared closer as he knelt, setting a knee next to my arm. The heat he radiated was stifling. Even without touching me I felt a fever set in. “Look at me.

” He demanded his voice barely sounding human with the second mandate.

My body began to tense as a swelling of afflicting energy pulsed in the electricity consuming my body and still, I laid motionless absorbing the heat and cruelty he was inflicting.

My mind screamed and wailed twisting within until he laid a massive hand on my chest calming the fire that seared my nerves.

His hand. My thoughts began to jump in excitement at the familiar feeling on my chest. It was his hand that had been weighted on my chest keeping oxygen from my lungs and paralyzing my body.

He could see the connection forming in my thoughts and it… thrilled him, I could feel it in his touch.

Keeping a dominant force on my chest his other hand hovered over my cheek before brushing it softly followed by a sharp grip on my jaw snapping it to face his gaze.

Large fingers let go to soften his touch as he grazed my lips. “Fear not.

” I watched his eyes trade solid black for a more mortal look as his pupils constricted and a beautiful crystal blue formed in the hues. “We are a pair, my sweet one.

I have been waiting for you for an eternity. Waiting to find the perfect bond.”

My body relaxed unwillingly as he spoke in his native tongue, the words echoed in English in my mind.

The electricity flowing through my body began to subside, gathering in his fingers as he continued to skim my lips.

The weight that had held me still leaked from my feet and trickled upward until I had full feeling back in my being. “Sleep now. I’m never far.”

A new heaviness pressed on my eyelids. The sadness and terror that had once filled my mind were repressed and I felt peaceful one again allowing the black to block out the light of thoughts.

My body fell completely lifeless as his presence disappeared. My breathing returned in a shallow gasping tone until it too relaxed, a calm rhythmic depth furthered my relaxation.

Unable to fight, I gave into his demand and fell into a dreamless darkness of sleep.

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