7 Quick & Easy Ways of Updating Your Bathroom
7 Quick & Easy Ways of Updating Your Bathroom matki showers stories

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7 Quick & Easy Ways of Updating Your Bathroom

Bathrooms, like kitchens, can be quite expensive to renovate and upgrade.

By the time you’ve ripped out your old bath and replaced it with an attractive Victoria and Albert baths or freestanding tub, you’ll have a beautiful bathroom.

But, if you don’t want to spend quite as much money, there is plenty you can do to update it in a weekend.

Lick of Paint

The quickest and cheapest way to give a bathroom a much-needed refresh is to paint the walls.

Pure brilliant white is perfect for a bathroom, especially if you have an old-fashioned coloured suite. White will make your bathroom feel fresh and airy.

If white doesn’t appeal, choose a fresh pastel shade such as pale green or soft grey.

Add a Designer Mirror

Bathrooms need a mirror. You probably already have one, but now is the time to replace that boring old mirror with a smart illuminated mirror.

Cheaper illuminated mirrors don’t need to be wired in. Instead, they operate on battery power. Some also have inbuilt storage, which is handy if you need somewhere to store your medicines.

Add Extra Storage

Most bathrooms don’t have enough storage. A lack of suitable storage can cause a nice bathroom to appear cluttered. Consider adding some inbuilt storage if space is an issue.

Alternatively, replace your pedestal sink with a stylish new sink unit that comes with cupboard space. You can hide your bottles of bathroom cleaner and bleach out of sight.

A Designer Radiator

Radiators are practical, but not terribly stylish. Underfloor heating is best for a bathroom, but this requires the floor to be replaced.

If you can’t face that level of work, invest in a designer radiator instead. There are some beautiful examples out there.

New Taps

Old-fashioned taps will drag any bathroom down. It doesn’t cost much to replace old taps with new ones and this is something you can do yourself.

Watch a few YouTube videos if you are not sure how to do it.

Walk-In Matki Shower

A walk-in shower is the height of luxury. Work out how much space you have available and select a Matki shower tray to match. Stone resin trays are tough and sleek.

Add tinted glass panels and your bathroom will be transformed.

Rainfall Shower

Nothing screams luxury more than a huge rainfall shower head. Hangrohe and Matki make some excellent examples but visit your local bathroom store for the full range of options.

Don’t put up with a tired bathroom. Even with a small budget, you can make a big difference.

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