'When I Found out I Don't Love Him at All'
'When I Found out I Don't Love Him at All' when i found out i dont love him at all stories

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'When I Found out I Don't Love Him at All'

Maybe she was scared she would end up like me. Lost and angry. Angry at herself for not saying no; and lost because she would lose this one thing she had. I knew I never loved him but, that does not mean I never cared. @H3LP

I did care about this Jason guy. @carlafischer

However … I just cared. That is all. There never was a deeper or purer feeling than that. I feel relieved, now that I cleared up things, for him and for me. I díd not even care about the truly sparse replacement sitting right beside him. I would not have wanted it any other way.

God, she could have him! I was glad he found somebody who was even more stupid than I had been! With a smile of victory, I took a few steps backwards and let it all crash down on him. ‘Feeling kind of worthless, hmm? Being used as a place holder.

Just for the physical touch,’ I thought smirkingly to myself. “I think the awareness you’ve got right now is even worse than the feeling I’ve had as I found out you were cheating. Deal with it!” I whispered more confident than ever. @mitchel

His mouth hung open and I saw a familiar pang of hurt shot through the hazel irises. Familiar because I had seen it in my own eyes myself when he hurt me.

I almost felt bad for what I had said, and I considered yanking the words out of the air, apologizing profusely and stumbling out of the café my coffee untouched. But… No, as soon as he would see me falter that slimy triumphant lopsided grin I used to find adorable would cross his face.

Uh, uh. He was not winning this time. @phantomhive0227

“Stop it now,” I told him. “That doesn't work on me any more.” His left eyebrow went up, showing me that he honestly doubted what I was saying. “I never loved you. Every time I started to, you proved to me that you weren't worthy of this emotion.”

I turned to the date ... what's-her-name: “You think you are the first? Honey, you've got a thing or two to learn about this guy.” I had her attention now. “This guy regards women as men do cars, he's just waiting for the next model to come out. And he loves going on test drives.”

He bolted forward at the end of that remark. “That's not true, and you know it!” “Really?” I replied. “Monica. Trina. Deborah. All these and at least two I do not know the names of during the time that you ‘loved’ me!” He cowered back in his seat, a beaten look on his face.

“Are you still seeing that little Asian you think I don't know about?” Then back to her: “The answer to that question is YES, dear. I really thought it would be HER sitting here with him tonight.”

He looked at me now with that murderous look in his eyes. But I had no fear of that, only a man with passion could commit murder, and his passion was all pretence. No way was he going to win. @ricklandreth

Letting out a laugh I tossed my hair over my shoulder. He sank lower in his seat and slowly moved his around from around what's-her-name's waist. He cleared his throat and looked around for an escape. His date looked back and forth from him to me. Her small mouth opened like a baby bird waiting to be fed.

“I feel bad for you truly. You can't play the victim card this time. How will you worm your way out of this?” The girl looked at me one last time, understanding on her face. Smack! She slapped him across the face so hard he fell to the floor like the disgusting worm he was.

A smile spread across my face. I knew I had won. I took away his newest toy. He stumbled back up and stormed out of the café leaving us. “Thanks for warning me about how much of a snake he is,” what's-her-name said. “I honestly don't think I love him either after that.” She slowly rose and left the café.

I had beaten him at his own game and kept my dignity. @pandora_rain

My own courage made me shiver. @carlafischer

I turned on my heel and strode out, head high, eyes straight ahead. I clenched my fists to keep them from shaking. The door clicked shut behind me like a death knell and I missed a step. Pausing on the sidewalk to take three long, slow breaths, I barked a laugh and turned to go.

“Wait! Wait for me,” a voice spoke in the darkness. @stevewaldrop

My squinted eyes searched around me. And at last I spotted a dark figure walking towards me. I blinked a couple of times, trying to adapt to the darkness. Finally I could see him. @H3LP

It was not who I expected. Not this ex of mine, not this ex of his. Someone new, with bright blue eyes and freckles across his nose. I was confused, unsure. “Do I know you?” I asked and he scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. @aknier

“Jason sent me. Do you know Jason?” @escribedia

“Jason.” He nodded. “Who the hell is Jason?” @carlafischer @carlafischer

Credit Published by: @basharasweet Written by: @H3LP, @mitchel, @phantomhive0227, @ricklandreth, @pandora_rain, @stevewaldrop, @aknier, @escribedia, @carlafischer Edited by: @carlafischer

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