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Quotes and saying written by me. Quotes are not just for wise people and it's not just a wise saying by the wise people. Quotes are about life, through experiences, learning from others and etc. Anyone can write quotes. There is no limit or restrictions on who can or cannot write quotes.

Quotes by Bashayar

by basharasweet

Her quote -1

PAIN, something that you go through every single day.

Her quote - 2

I don't wake up every day to please everyone.

Her quote - 3

Everyone will experience a moment where they don't know what they are doing.

When they realize what they should be doing they would feel that they missed a lot in that period of life.

And if they came across someone who has accomplished that thing, they will have negative thoughts about themselves that they will never gonna do it.

This is the period where they have to stay strong and positive to move forward.

Her quote - 4

when 'I am in pain and I am acting like absolutely nothing is going wrong in your life' pace walk through your life, you will realize how hard it is and you have been handling is strong till now.

Her quote - 5

No words can clearly explain how much a person gone through in their life.

Her quote - 6

Don't pressure yourself of anything. It can be studies, jobs, etc. Stressing yourself too much might cause you to lose something that you already have.

Her quote - 7

When you trust someone or letting them trust you, you are giving them a free ticket to hurt you.

Her quote - 8

Stop judging and start learning.

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