Interview with Golden Comma Awards 2019 winner
Interview with Golden Comma Awards 2019 winner interview with bashayar stories

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Interview with Golden Comma Awards 2019

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Interview with Golden Comma Awards 2019 winner

Interview with @rosarlei for winning the Golden Comma Awards 2019!

Interview with @rosarlei for winning the Golden Comma Awards 2019! He won in the Formatting category!

How does Rosarlei feel about winning this award?

I feel honored and appreciated.

What inspired him to write the book/post/poem/story in this format?

The piece called "Lust" was a collaboration on the topic of Self-Harm. It was co-written with HannieCakes. I wanted to have a clearer view of my past experiences and support others.

His words about formatting on Commaful post

It took a long time. It has over 300 slides and each stanza is it's own story and employs a particular formatting style. I would come home from work and spend 7-10 hours a day editing GIFs and it went on for about 30 days.

His words regarding Commaful in general

Had it not been for the Commaful format and community, I would have probably not written more than two poems. I remember the first time one of my stories got shouted by Sydney and people talked about the way I was formatting.

That level of support and encouragement was the key for me. I'd like to thank the people on the site and Sydney and Ryan for the immense work they do.

His words regarding the Golden Comma awards 2019

Thank you once again to Sydney and Ryan, as well as everyone who participated and got nominated. Things like this improve the sense of community.

Thank you for your words and congrats!!! You have helped inspiring many of Commaful users venturing into formatting their post to beautiful pieces! Formatting take a lot of hard work. Thank you for providing this for the Commaful community.

I would like to also apologies for the late posts for the interviews. Don't want to give excuses but my nerve pain on my hands really taking a toll on things i do. Hence, the delay. I try my best to upload the rest of the interviews.

I would pause the rest of the interviews till my hands gets better. Thank you for understanding and my apologies to those who have been waiting.

See you guys soon.

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