Interview with Golden Comma Awards 2019
Interview with Golden Comma Awards 2019 interview with bashayar stories

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Interview with Golden Comma Awards 2019


Interview with Golden Comma Awards 2019

Interview with Alex @stadarooni for winning the Golden Comma Awards 2019!

Interview with Alex @stadarooni for winning the Golden Comma Awards 2019! He won in the Collaboration category!

How does Alex feel about winning this award?

Winning this award makes me feel proud of my collaborations but even more proud of everyone that has joined me in making them. Without their efforts and abilities, these collaborations would not nearly be as cohesive as they are.

All of these factors make me happy to know so many wonderful writers from across the world, and to see how all of our minds come together for a complex vision.

His experience doing collaborations on Commaful (especially this year 2019)

My experience doing collaborations has been an interesting one! Earlier this year, we created my favourite group collaboration so far (titled 'Perchance to Dream'), and what mad that collaboration so refreshing is when many newer users join in.

This factor makes collaborations more exciting and fun, as each user brings something new to the table. Thoughts, between users, then create something entirely new!

My collaborations take a long time to create (as each user takes turns writing), so seeing how creative everyone is can help make the process more rewarding. That is especially true of the current collaboration that I we working on, which should (hopefully) finish by next month!

His advice/ feedback for people who are interested doing collabs on Commaful

Patience is the best ally in creating collaborations. Always be open to new ideas and remember that a collaboration is about the thoughts and ideas of many writers!

Sometimes things will move very slowly so also have a backup plan (cutting parts of your collaboration short or inviting more writers, for example) and be ready for the unexpected to happen.

If you are writing a collaboration with another writer, a few writers, or a group, one good rule to follow is to have a theme that is not too specific but lends itself to a multitude of thoughts. If you can choose something that speaks to many people, that will create passion and a very strong collaboration.

His words regarding Commaful in general

Commaful is a wonderful place for writing and it is great to see the website grow and continue to do so. Always be on the lookout for new users that may not get a lot (or any) attention, as they will have thoughts that may wow you and stand out amongst an already diverse set of writers.

I would argue that the site is growing in talent but certain factors, like trending, sometimes make the site seem more creatively stagnant than it actually is. Always treat each other excellently and always be open to learning from others!

His words regarding the Golden Comma awards 2019

I love how there were more categories this year, but I think even more would be better! 'Best Writer' is a vague award and I think it would benefit both the Golden Comma and the website to split up the award into different categories.

While much of Commaful writes poetry, there is a lot of amazing comedy, storytelling, fan-fiction, horror, non-fiction, and other genres of writing that show how diverse and imaginative the site is. I think making categories for lots of different genres would help to showcase that diversity!

While this may easily add many new categories, that is not a bad thing at all. Either than that, great work to all the winners! <3

Thank you for your words and congrats Alex! And you have done a great job with the collaborations! Link to his profile in the description! See you guys next time!!

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