Comma Relay 2018
Comma Relay 2018 comma relay 2018 stories

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Comma Relay 2018 EXCLUSIVE for the writers.

Comma Relay 2018

Hey Comma writers! This year's relay will be exclusive for the amazing writers in Commaful dot com! It's a way for the writers to collaborate and write a story in a relay form.

How to participate? Simple. Just comment down on the bi-monthly post with a title or a theme and the rest reply to that comment to continue the story. Commaful rules still applies.

Deadline will be posted in the bi-monthly post. The finished work will be edited and posted around the next week. Your work will be credited and will have exposure to the readers!!! You can see last year's works on my profile!

SPREAD THE WORD! Tag your favourite writers in the comments down below. Let your friends know. Let your pets know (XD) Can tag your fine self too!

Join the exclusive writing committee! Make sure to follow me @basharasweet for the upcoming post! If anything, comment or private message me. Let's have fun!

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