A Glimpse of Life - Part 1
A Glimpse of Life - Part 1 fantasy stories

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A parallel-world short story where a woman who has seen the life of her doppelganger in her dreams. Those dreams stopped when the doppelganger's son was just 3 years old.
Unaware that its real, she ran into the doppelganger's son on the way home. He has grown and a high schooler. This is the story of spending some time with a son that not hers.

A Glimpse of Life - Part 1

Waiting to fall asleep is my favourite part of the day. My life in my dreams was better than what I go through when I am awake.

My life is mundane with my regular wake up - eat -work -eat - sleep. I can rest when I'm sleeping, but sleeping also gives me hope. A hope that I can look forward to living a better life.

All I must do is wait. But waiting is boring. My life seems better in my dreams. I have gotten married and had a child in there.

What more do I want than watching myself lead a happy life? But one day the continuous dreams of my life flourishing, disappeared, just like that. I did not know why.

But I continued to live my life. Hoping for the same experience I had in my dreams.

Getting back to my work. I become a workaholic in a few weeks. It kept me busy, and I almost forgotten about my dreams.

After finishing my work, I nodded a goodbye to the security and left the office. It was late in the evening. The sky was a mixture of gold and purple in colour. A rare scene that left me in awe.

I was so lost in the scenery that I forgot that I was waiting for the traffic light to cross the road.

The green signal to cross was already blinking, indicating its too late to cross the road now. In a rash thought, I was about to make a run for the crossing.

That is when someone stopped me by hugging. I was startled.

"Mom!" exclaimed the kid in school uniform.

He is too tall for a student, might I add.

"I'm sorry. What?" I asked, taking a step back.

I do not know why I can feel a bunch of gazes at me. It is not even a school zone.

Maybe he mistook me for his mom. He did stop me from running across the road, though.

"Ah, you look like my mom! Just a bit older!" He said excitedly.

I was taken aback. This kid just called me old. Never in my dreams, I would think someone would call me an old person. I get it. I am aging.

He was still looking at me with a bright smile on his face.

"I came from there!" He said, pointing at the opposite side of the road.

I looked at the place dumbfounded.

'Yeah, that's the place he walked from?' I thought to myself.

"That's where your house is?" I asked, not knowing what he wanted to say.

"No, look again. There's my school!"

School? I looked closer, and the work buildings turned into a school.

I took a step back in confusion.

I wanted to take a closer look, but its traffic signal is still red in colour, so I cleaned my glasses and look at the opposite side of the road.

There was a sign saying, 'school safety zone - drive slowly'.

Still in shock, I looked around, and everything else is the same. I could not believe I was not aware of a school being built near my workplace.

I quickly took out my phone and searched for schools near me.

"What are you doing?" The kid asked me.

"Ah-what? What are still doing here? Do you need any help?" I asked.

"Nothing. I just thought you looked like my mom. So I wanted to say hi!"

"Okay. Is not it getting late? You should go back home! Your parents might be waiting."

"No ones at home. My dad is working!"

He did not mention his mom. So I didn't ask further.

"Okay, my bus is here. See ya!" He said his farewell and walked back when the traffic light turns green.

I received a notification from my boss. After reading the message, I exited and the map search result from earlier popped up.

'No school near you.'

I raised my head back to see the kid just standing there. The school is gone. But not him.

I was in a daze. The kid turned to face me. There was still a big smile on his face.

Next second I know he is running back to me.

"Mom! I could stay with you!" He screamed.

I should not have stayed here. I took a step back when the kid came hugging me.

"Stop stop stop! You should not hug me" I warned him.

"I'm sorry mom!" He pouted.

"I'm NOT your mom" I almost shouted at him, "Stop calling me, mom!"

"I'm sorry. What should I call you then? Aunty? Sister?"

Aunty? I thought. No.

"Just call me, sister!"

"Okay, sister, it is! Or... I can call you Nadia if you don't mind."

How did he know my name?

"I can tell you how."

Did he just read my mind?

"Are you stalking me kid?"

He shook his head no and pointed at my ID card.

I mentally facepalmed. That was embarrassing.

"My mom name was Nadia too." He mentioned in a low voice. "I'm from that world, sis."

I sighed. I must be too tired from work, and these conversations are just an illusion in my head.

"Kid, you have watched too much sci-fi! Go home, yeah. Take a rest, okay!" I said lightly tapping his hands.

"Sister, I can't. The path disappeared. I'm sorry!"

"What you mean, you can't? It is okay. Did you miss your bus? Don't worry, I call a Taxi for you. Grab might take longer."

"No, it's not that. See, my school is gone." He said, pointing at the work building. "I'm from the school. It's gone."

I hailed a taxi on the road and asked the kid for his address. He gave his address to the driver.

"You should come with me." He insisted.

I thought he might not be used to taking taxis alone, so I went with him.

"Is it okay if you go home late? Will your dad scold you?"

He did not answer my question.

We arrived at the destination soon. That kid opened the door immediately and went off. I paid for the taxi and gotten off the cab as well.

I did not want his dad to be mad, so I wanted to apologise if he was there. When I get off, I realised it is my neighbourhood. He must be from around here as well.

I did not realise it is near my place as I always take the MRT (mass rapid train) and it is from the other side of my apartment.

I followed the boy in a hurry and ended up right in front of my main gate. He was about to open the lock, I stopped him.

"Are you trying to rob my own house?" I asked him in frustration.

"What? This is my home. This is my key! look!" He said, showing his key with his name on it.

He took out his IC and showed me the address. It is my home.

I searched for my purse and took out my IC and showed him.

"Sister. I told you I am from another world. You look like my mom. If this is your home, then my house address is the same here. I'm not robbing you." He explained.

I opened the house and took a step in.

"you stop fooling me and go home". I shut the door.

I must be imagining all this. Too much working has made me insane.

"Mom! Sister! Nadia! Open the door, please." He yelled while knocking on the door.

The yelling and knocking did not stop for some time.

"If You don't believe me, look at this diary! I won't come inside, I promised!"

I sighed. Thank god the neighbours will not be home at this hour.

I opened the door and snatched the diary from his hand and closed the door.

I skimmed through the bunch of entries. Every word was describing my life and how I lived. I read some of them in details.

It sounds so depressing and wondered if his mum lived the same life as me.

There was another knock on the door. It was a soft one that I might have missed. I went to open the door again and let the boy in.

"I'm sorry about your mother, Keyan."

It did not occur to me that he might just be missing his mother. I might have overreacted.

"How did you know my name?"

"I watched you grow up until you were three years old. But I stopped getting those dreams. I wondered why and thought, maybe because I become busy with my work a lot."

I did not realise his mother had dreams of my life. It sounds so depressing compared to my dreams of her life.

I felled down. The kid's mother died because of my tragic life.

"Hey, hey! Are you okay? What happened?" He said, kneeling in front of me.

"This book is my life. Your mom had dreams of how I lived. I'm so sorry."

"It's not your fault."

It is.

"How are you going back home? How did you come to this world?" I asked him.

"I don't know. I was leaving my school and waiting to cross the street. And I saw you. You look like my mom, but a bit older. I wanted to meet you. I'm sorry if I've made you uncomfortable."

"As you know the path, I came from disappeared. I've indeed watched a lot of sci-fi movies. I don't know how to go back home. I don't know how it works." He continued.

Word~ Thank you for reading! Edit: Part 2 link in Description! Hope you like it!!

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