If I should love you, I'd love you....
If I should love you, I'd love you.... button poetry stories

barshawrites Community member
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there are always people telling you how you should love. they tell you to listen their silences, and to be their strength and etcetera. but i think when love arrives, love him in all the ways they said and in all the ways no one ever stated! All the loves. x

If I should love you, I'd love you....

They say that attention is the highest form of generosity, And so, I wish to listen,

But not in the way they said, I won't listen to your silence, Assuming.. that your silence has words, May the words be of happiness or of the reverse, I don't have to listen to your silence, I just wish to be in your silence, There, at that moment.

They say when you love, You see sunrise, In their eyes, But i wish to see sunsets too, Not followed by assumptions of sorrow you might have been through, Because sunsets can be beautiful too, If looked at in the right way.

They say whatever yours is theirs, And that all the battles, You fight together, And I wish to fight with you, Just not with the assumption that you will get weak when I won't be, there, at that moment, Around you.

And even if you will be, Weak, Shivering, I want to love you in a way, The way that exhibits, weakness is not a sin, And you can be, Be, as vulnerable as you wish to be.

I wish to love you, without detaining your identity, because identity is not a solid box, say it is a fluid, if that's the only word that describes the flexibility.

I wish to love you, Beyond my conditioning, Beyond my feeling that I may have projected onto you, Beyond your feelings, sometimes so concrete, sometimes fleeting.

I wish to love you, when you are moving back and forth in your mind, trying to remember the places, at the same time forgetting the places, you once visited, those who once tore you, and those who once mended you,

I wish to love you, without the assumption that you forgot, forgot the land that you're standing on, at the moment.

I wish to love you, with my wandering heart, with the mind that thinks of stars too often and earth too less, to see you when you're speaking, truly, see you, without wandering, without questioning.

I wish to to love you in a way, that you dont feel like a boat anymore, in the ocean, not concerned with staying afloat, able to dare;

to be gouged open by love, to dive deep down, sink beneath the waves, to gulp the sea water, and come up again, with those big lungs of yours, with those hard kicking legs. I wish to love you that way, the way they said, but also the the way they never stated.

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