The God and The Spartan
 The God and The Spartan greek stories

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A lowly spartan meets a self proclaimed God, invading his land.

The God and The Spartan

He had stood at the foot of her large wooden structure, adorned with gold and intricate detail.

He was more awestruck by the sheer thought of how many bloodlines were poured into it’s construction, rather than the radiant being that stood before him.

Taking his helmet off, placing it very carefully on the sand.

He leaned on one knee as she descended her throne, she stopped just short of the final step, arms out showing off her exorbitant fabrics and gold furnishings.

Slowly peeking up, he gazed upon her, and took in her full figure.

Tall, and of olive skin, she had jewels and golden trinkets hanging from nearly every part of her body, coating the flesh with frivolous expense.

She was wrapped in a sort of white silk, covering her sex from the world, and leaving her men to dream to oggle her in their spare time.

She spoke, as smooth as the liquor the men had after battle.

“At ease, Spartan. Rise to your feet, and gaze upon me.

” Leaving his helmet on the sand, he obeyed, and stood at attention to meet her, however because of her position, he gazed straight below the curvatures of her waist.

It was at that moment, he most longed for home.

“What is your business here? Why do you attempt to capture my land?” She inquired.

“We were not of knowledge that this land belonged to anyone.

As a matter of fact, we had thought those,” he turns and looks at his men, cleaning up the bodies from the battlefield, “belonged to a group. A guild, if you will. Thieves.

You can never be too careful these days. The precipice of war makes some go mad. Some even believe they are gods.” He smirks at the woman before him.

“Still thy tongue, Spartan. Or I will show you how godly I am.”

“I’m sure you would. However, I already have a wife awaiting my return at home.

Tell me, where do gods go at the end of their days? Do you, god-queen, have a home?” Some of her men let out a small chuckle. Her face twists into anger.

She steps down one more step, almost face to face, but still higher in stature.

“You do good to laugh in the face of Annihilation. If the rest of your men were to do the same, this will be a most exciting conquering.

Tell me, if it is not death you fear, what is it? Tell me so I can make sure it will rip you and the rest of your kind to pieces.”

The spartan thought a moment, looking back at his men, tossing bodies off the cliffside, some stabbing the remaining survivors. Smiling, he turns back to the extravagant woman.

“It is not death, that much is true. However, death to a life never lived, is something that strikes fear into the hearts of many of my men. Together, we have conquered that fear.

Can you say the same for your men?”

“My men fear disloyalty to their country.”

“Ours pledge willingly. We get alot more use out of them that way.”

“So be it Spartan. We will see how many willingly pledge to die at my hand.”

“And how many of yours will face theirs with cowardice.”

The woman turns around, ascending her throne and sitting high back on her royal chair. The men begin to lift, and shuffle, turning her around and walking back.

The spartan stands watching them make their way. A soldier comes behind him, watching alongside his captain.

“We could easily kill them, Captain. End this war now.”

“That we could. That we could. However, I’ve noticed that you lot have been looking,” He pokes the solider in his stomach, and smiles, “rather pudgy lately. We wait for them to attack us.

Get ourselves a good workout. We have not lost a battle yet, and we have no reason to fear anytime soon. Let’s get back to cleaning this cliffside, shall we?”

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