[18+] Quarantine Closeness pt.1
[18+] Quarantine Closeness pt.1 adult stories

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[18+] A pent up Rey and Saffron struggle to keep their cool during a mandatory quarantine.

[18+] Quarantine Closeness pt.1

"I just- I don't know where I put the damn key, Saffron!" Rey huffed. He looked around, fingers running through his thick, moppy black hair.

Silver strands stuck out from his head, like light posts cutting through the night sky.

They had been stuck inside nearly a whole month together, and while the flame was there originally, the walls began to close around them, slowly extinguishing the love they had started out with.

"YOU were the last one who had it Rey!" She didn't fare the mandated imprisonment much better. Getting worked up, she wiped a drop of sweat from her brow.

The multicolored headband which held her ponytail back absorbed the damp frenzy. Somehow, they ended in the kitchen, a few steps away from the dinner table, and a few more away from the couch.

"I need the key in case I-"

"In case what!? Where are you going to go?" He bit back, throwing open the counter drawers, shuffling the silverware in a futile attempt to look for the missing key.

His thunderous voice made Saffron's heart skip a beat. Something about seeing him worked up... no, she dismissed the thought. She was angry. He lost her key.

Suddenly, the once brightly lit flat, died with a hum.

"Did they just cut our lights?"

"I can't fucking believe this..." Soon with the aid of a dying flashlight and a small book of matches, light was once again restored to the flat, candles slowly flickering in the darkness.

They stood apart from each other: her against the wall arms crossed, and he against the fridge putting his hands behind his head. Rey scanned her body as she looked away from him.

His eyes rolled over every one of her voluptuous curves, taking in the width of her hips, the chubbiness in her stomach that she was for whatever reason insecure of.

The light bouncing off of her gave an aura of softness to her skin, something that nearly compelled him to touch her.

As much as they had fought, in this moment he couldn't take his eyes off of her. She caught him staring, rolling her own eyes at him.

"If only you'd look for the key as much as you look at me, we'd have it found by now!" She turned away from him, angry, but still keeping him in view. Her heart started again.

Something about him eyeing her up like this...

"Me!? If it's your key, why the hell don't you keep track of your stuff?!" He threw his arms out to his sides, letting them collapse and slap his thighs.

She spun around to face him again, stepping closer, slamming a foot down in anger.

"YOU told me you would put them back! YOU told me you wouldn't lose them!" She wagged a finger in his face, causing him to hold his hands up in anticipation.

Snatching the finger from his face she stabbed at his chest with every word, "You. Keep. Losing. My. Things. Rey!"

"Stop poking me." He growled. Again, Saffron's heart fluttered. Of course she's heard him angry before, but this, this growl. Something about it sent the blood pumping to her loins.

She stabbed his chest again, nearly skewering his heart with the amount of force.

"OR WHAT!" Going in for another swipe, Saffron's hands were abruptly grabbed by Rey, holding on tight to her wrists, using his weight to throw them both back onto the wall.

He held her hands above her head, as she cowered underneath his intimidating poise. He was taller than her, and now, he was nearly on top of her.

She let out a sigh, before slamming her mouth shut, attempting to stifle it.

"Did...you just-" Rey started, looking down at his prey, guard dropping for a moment.

Surely she wasn't enjoying this, was she? She freed her hands from his grasp, and grabbed onto his face, pulling it close to hers, embracing in a kiss.

Her hands full of his cheeks, the black stubble of his facial hair poked and prodded at her fingers, stabbing delightfully into her palm as their lips joined together.

She was aggressive in a way he had never seen her before, sliding her tongue inside his mouth, dancing with his.

He didn't know how or why, but he did know what to do next. He placed a large hand on the back of her head, bringing her in tighter, and another on her waist, keeping her close.

Sliding down her neck, both hands met at the hips, fumbling with her waistband.

He broke their embrace, planting kisses like lines on a map, following her cheek, down her neck and about her collarbone. He continued down, yanking her shirt up, slowly and methodically.

The breasts, fondled by her hands, received ample lip service as he continued on his way, giving extra love to her tummy, before finally finding the X on his map.

She was already wet by the time he got to her thighs. Not forgetting the argument, he exacted his revenge by teasing her.

Placing tactical kisses along her inner thigh, ending up right in front of her dripping sex, he leaned in close.

Giving a short breath for her to feel, he sent shivers of anticipation up her spine. He smiled, and passed over onto the other thigh, more kisses following.

She bit her bottom lip, unsure of how much she was willing to take.

Feeling his lips plant ever so gently on her skin, she started to lose herself and grabbed hold of his head, shoving it in between her legs.

Wide eyed, and more aroused at this sudden display of aggression, Rey's lips were coated in her dripping anticipation, built up from his teasing.

He smirked, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her into him. His mustache was the first thing she felt.

Like his face in her hands, the prickle of facial hair stabbing deliciously into tiny spots alongside her lips made her moan loudly.

He opened his mouth, lapping up her excitement in long, dedicated strokes of his tongue. She tasted sweet, he thought, using his thumbs to spread her open so he could get deeper.

He slid his appendage between her lips, gently brushing against her clit, and filling her awaiting hole. Saffron grabbed onto his hair with one hand, fondling her breast with the other.

In and out he thrusted, tasting every drop of her, brushing his facial hair against her.

Her breaths became quicker and thinner, the sensation of his rough texture pressing deep inside of her, the feeling of his smile pressing against her clit,

she always knew he loved going down on her, but something more animistic kept him going, kept his mind focused. Keeling forward, she drew in a sharp breath as he ate.

The sensation flooded her mind as her legs began to shake underneath her. Her orgasm was powerful, moaning loudly to his delight.

Weak in the knees, she attempted to stand back up, using his head as leverage. Yet he continued on, pressing against her sensitive body with eager hunger.

Clawing at his head, she managed to pull him off of her, only to be caught off guard by his lips. She tasted herself on him, feeling his tongue inside of her mouth.

Something about tasting her own orgasm, how dirty, how naughty she thought.

He parted from her, leaving her breathless, sipping the air, before grabbing her hair, and pushing her to her knees with force.

He quickly undid his belt, dropping his jeans to the floor. Still holding her hair, he pressed her against him, giving an indication on what she was to do next.

She slid her fingers up his thighs, behind the waistband of his underwear. Slowly pulling down, revealing first his unkempt hair, then his length, and finally, revealing him fully to her.

She grabbed hold of his girth with one hand, barely able to hold it all, and brought her face close to it.

His manly scent infiltrated her nose, settling in her heart as increasing rhythmic thumps of excitement.

She breathed him in as she placed his cock against her cheek, kissing the base of his shaft. It twitched with every placement of her lips, pulsing in her hand as a sign of enjoyment.

Still holding her hair, Rey loosened his grip, as she dragged her tongue from the base all the way up to the tip, resting her lips on it as she swirled around it, savoring the taste.

Rey let out a soft groan, music to Saffron's ears. She continued licking around his base, teasing him with her tongue.

But like her, his mind slowly slipped away with every pass, and began to grow impatient. He tightened his grip on her hair again, throwing her back into the wall, with a gasp of excitement.

Holding her still, he lined up his thick member with her mouth, and pressed against her lips.

Offering little resistance to his advancement, her lips parted, and he filled up her mouth with his girth. Slowly, he began to thrust his hips.

"That's it, let me fuck that pretty little mouth." Saffron's tongue flicked in wild directions at this new object occupying her mouth, savoring the taste of her man.

His thrusts, nearly putting it in the back of her throat, made sparks fly both in her heart, and in her loins, starting up a fire again.

She began to play with herself while slobbering on him, globs of saliva dripping out from her lips, as she sloppily kept up with his tempo.

He moaned loudly as he fucked her, every thrust going deeper than the last, nearly down her throat.

His breaths became quicker in tempo, and she felt him twitch and throb inside her, every pulse interpreted by her tongue and felt deep inside her sex, which was now wet again.

She wanted him to cum, to erupt in her right this second, feeling his hot excitement ooze down her throat, savoring the taste of every ounce of him.

Instead, he slid himself out from her, leaving her wanting more.

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