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What happens when two strangers meet for the time of one night ?
Quite long for a oneshot, might make it a full fanfiction.
Pics aren't mine although the story line is.

The Time Of One Night- Vmin Oneshot

His room's dark walls not helping with the negative thoughts, Jimin felt completely overwhelmed, his heart painfully straining with each shaky breath. The endless pings coming from every online device feeding his anxiousness.

His girlfriend continuously texted him, his phone's led flickering madly, as fast as the beating of his panicked heart. He couldn't answer her, the words stuck in his throat.

Jimin had always been an indecisive person, but this time, he couldn't even put the finger on what was wrong with him. During the week- end, he had grown the fear to face or even speak to the girl he liked dearly.

His heart seemed oddly stiffened, as if his relationship was only oppressive to him. He suddenly needed air, he needed a lot of space. Unfortunately, he didn't know how to tell her or if it even was what he deeply wanted.

His heart and even himself didn't seem in the right place, as though he shouldn't even have got himself in this relationship in the first place.

The beeping sound becoming unbearable, Jimin abruptly stood up from his bed and walked towards his desk, determined to shut down his laptop.

But as his hand gripped above the screen, he stopped, realizing something. Shutting down his laptop would mean getting offline and getting offline would mean being in front of the laptop since the laptop can't just get you offline by itself.

He was simply stuck, feigning death in his dark room. Although, his heart dropped to the ground reading the last message she had sent him. "I'm getting worried Jiminie, I'm coming to see you", she wrote. Oddly, even imagining her saying this pet name out loud disgusted him.

He was in full panicked mode, pacing in his room as he couldn't find any solution. He couldn't just face her, he still wouldn't know what to tell her and it would end up with insults and words that they both surely wouldn't mean.

He grabbed the first thing in his field of sight, putting on the large hoodie. It was half past ten and he couldn't go out in the chilly streets with only a shirt on.

That's how he found himself wandering around his neighborhood, praying to god he had made the right turn and wouldn't bump into his chasing girlfriend.

Judging he was far away enough from his area, he took a stop and sat his panting figure on a low wall. White steam coming from his mouth in long and erratic breaths, sweat gliding along his forehead.

After some seconds, he stood up, realizing he couldn't stay hidden forever and had to come up with an idea, he had to make up his mind and do something, whatever it was.

Deep in thoughts, he didn't hear the footsteps gradually getting closer and louder until the person clumsily kicked in an empty beer can. Making Jimin's blood curl as he turned around, dreading the worst.

His face eased slightly seeing the person in front of him, a guy around his age, an apologetic look on his face as his cheeks seemed to flush in embarrassment.

"God...", Jimin squeezed his eyes shut, feeling his heartbeat slow down as the awkward seconds passed.

"I'm sorry...Did I scare you ?", the male finally spoke, his voice deeper than Jimin would have thought.

" At the moment yeah, but now I'm so grateful it's you...", he felt embarrassed to be such a scaredy-cat sometimes. His statement made the stranger feel all flustered but rather confused.

" Why ? Do we know each other ? I'm sorry but I don't think I ever saw you around here", his tone was a bit formal but curious.

"Oh no ! We never met, It's not like I already came around here before", Jimin shook his head, chuckling at the stranger's confusion.

"hell yeah you never came around, I would have remembered such a cutie like you...", the stranger thought, a smile creeping up his lips as he simply nodded to look normal.

However, his face looked everything but normal to Jimin, his obvious smirk making him feel a new type of weird.

"Anyway...What's your name ?", the stranger tried to ease the tense atmosphere, his large dark brown eyes boring sincerely into Jimin's.

"oh yeah... I didn't even introduced myself", the smaller boy chuckled, "I'm Jimin", he bowed politely, making the stranger laugh and pat his shoulder reassuringly. "No need to bow Jimin, I'm Taehyung", he smiled fondly to the newcomer.

Jimin felt his cheeks burn oddly to his cute boxy grin, still suspecting the light freezing breeze to be the cause of the sudden flush on his face.

"So why are you here Jimin ? If you don't mind me asking...", Taehyung bluntly asked, quickly retreating, ashamed of his too friendly manners. Jimin seemed to be a shy, reserved guy and he was acting as if there were friends.

Jimin remained quiet, after all he could talk about it with Taehyung ? It's good sometimes to talk your heart out to someone who doesn't know you enough to judge you right ?", Jimin thought, sitting back down on the low wall, stuffing his hands in his pocket.

"I couldn't stay at home...I'm actually running away from someone at the moment", he trailed off, quickly staring at his lap, scared that Taehyung would judge him as a coward.

Taehyung hummed, sitting next to him, gazing around. "... It must be a difficult run all the way here... you're sweating", he finally spoke, his tone soothing and comforting, making Jimin believe he could trust him and speak out.

He out of nowhere pulled on his sweatshirt sleeve, gently tapping down on his temple to wipe off the flustered boy's sweat, smiling sweetly at him. "You can talk to me you know ? We just met but I can hear people out just right", he flashed him a sweet smile, his tone already making Jimin's heart ache less.

"Thank you", Jimin was already much better, knowing he could count on someone he barely knew, maybe another point of view on the situation wouldn't be bad ? He wondered.

"That's my girlfriend...That I'm avoiding", his face turned serious yet again, his tone full of sorrow.

Taehyung couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed to learn he was straight. " That's not the point", he scolded himself. Jimin didn't deserve to feel like this and that was the only thing that mattered. Hopefully, Taehyung might be able to find answers to his questions.

" Go on...", he just responded with an encouraging voice. " I'm just fucking confused, until then I loved her so freaking much and now I just...I don't know....I just don't feel like it, I feel like all my feeling just faded away in one night", he burst out suddenly.

His voice sounded low and shaky, as if he prevented the tears to fall all this time. He ruffled his hair in frustration, looking up to him, his eyes desperate and pained

"You must think I am such an asshole", he kept talking, not even Taehyung shaking his head in disagreement able to stop him.

"Stop saying nonsense", Taehyung cut him off sternly, tilting Jimin's head to stare directly into his deep orbs, his chin feeling weirdly electric at the touch of his soft hand.

Jimin felt his heart pick up its pace staring at him for so long, only realizing now his inexplicably pleasant feature. Duh, who was he lying to ? He seemed to come straight out of a manga, his big eyes, delicate but sharp nose making him look like a anime character. Jimin simply didn't want to admit to himself that he found a guy pretty.

"What can you know about this anyway ?", feeling his cheeks getting too red for his liking, Jimin kept his guards high, not wanting Taehyung to read him.

"you're right, I don't know much about you or your relationship with this girl, but, I'm willing to help you find out what's the problem with you", he gently gazed at him before smiling, hoping to bring a smile on Jimin's face too.

" Ok mister stubborn", Jimin miraculously chuckled, his teasing making the taller male's smile change into an angelic grin. "How do you want to do it ? How do you want to find out something that I myself couldn't find out about for the past 3 days? "

He bored his eyes into Taehyung's, sincerely waiting for an answer as he merely tried to ignore the beating of his heart.

" Hum...Did you ever think about the fact that maybe it wasn't you the problem but her ? ", Taehyung questioned, an idea popping in his mind.

"What do you mean ? She is literally the girl everyone would want to date, she is caring, loving and many more", Jimin replied, bewildered.

"well, maybe there are people who wouldn't like to date guys who are gay for example?", Taehyung had gone far this time.

But he had to take risks because he couldn't ignore the effect he believed he had on Jimin since they had met and started talking. Jimin stared, confused, "and? I'm not part of them"

"How do you know ? Did you ever try ? ", Taehyung was dead serious, his gaze deep into Jimin's who quickly dig his heels in.

" No ! But I know I'm not gay ! Please ! I would have known if I liked guys", He raised his voice, emphasizing on the words like it was obvious someone would know his sexual preferences.

Taehyung wasn't going to give up so soon, a totally straight guy wasn't supposed to blush when a guy talked to him. "Then do you see another explication to how your feelings would disappear like it never mattered in the first place ?"

He scooted closer to Jimin, trying to see any change in his face that could be caused by his sudden closeness. "I don't know..-what are you doing ?!", Jimin pushed himself away from the male, his heart beating too loud in his chest to let him think about anything else.

He glared at him, his cheeks beat red, his expression strong. "Don't do that", he spoke sternly, holding Taehyung's challenging gaze.

"Why not ? Are you scared you won't be able to control yourself ? Am I too hot to handle ?", Taehyung teasing voice made Jimin's blood curl. "It can't be", he repeated in his head.

"What do you feel right now ?", Taehyung finally trailed off after some seconds, plunging his eyes in Jimin's puzzled ones. "what do you mean?", the male asked, his eyebrows furrowed.

"Like..., are you mad ? Are you feeling flustered, is your heart beating faster after I did this ?", he kept questioning him and Taehyung witnessed a lot on Jimin's face. He was feeling something and he had to make him speak.

"I...Fuck...", Jimin broke down, his head in his hands as he took long and unsteady breaths. " That's a fucking mess", he groaned which made Taehyung frown

"What's a mess ? Being attracted to guys ? you're homophobic or what ?", Taehyung asked, he sounded hurt, the disappointment clearly noticeable in his tone.

"What ? No ! I...It's a mess considering the situation I'm in right now. If you're right that would mean there is no chance my relationship works out, I expected to be able to find my normal self back"

Jimin tried to explain himself but he only made the situation worse. " You mean being gay isn't normal ? What do you have against that ?! Being attracted to guys is totally fine ! "

Taehyung was fuming in anger, he couldn't believe he had said that. He felt looked down upon, he felt like trash.

Jimin stood up, furious, "what are you saying ! I never said that ! I'm talking about me ! not gays in general ! I always thought I was attracted to girls and one night I realize I was wrong ! So for now, yes ! my situation isn't normal !", he roared, the vein on his neck popping out.

"Stop turning me into the bad one ! And for your information, I'm not attracted to guys ! YOU make me feel like this, not any other guy! Do I have to freaking show you ??!", since the start of his outburst, Taehyung only had his mouth agape, his eyes wide but his last question made him frown in confusion.

However, he couldn't move that Jimin had walked up to him furiously, "is he going to hit me?", Taehyung briefly wondered, paralyzed. He stopped in front of him, burning holes into him, his face gleaming with sweat, his heart hammering in his chest.

"Fuck!", he growled, pulling the blank male up by his collar as he slammed his body on him, they hearts beating insanely fast in their trunks. "I'll show you", Jimin nearly whispered, as if the strong proximity had suddenly made him shy and alleviated all his wrath.

He captured his mouth with his hungry lips, the pressure building up quickly as Taehyung responded to the kiss some moment later. His heart acted for him, he cupped his cheeks with both his sweaty palms, deepening the kiss as Taehyung gripped his waist tightly as if his life depended on it.

Jimin couldn't fight what was going on inside of his body, his heart immensely fluttering, asking for more. The feeling of Taehyung's tongue sweeping over his bottom lip awaking a few bundle of nerves, his whimpers were music to the taller's ears. A whirlwind of warmth and feelings was overwhelming them, the storm unleashing in their hearts, bodies and souls.

Their breathing overruled the quietness, the cool wind whipping their cheeks but the warm knot growing in their chests made them totally forget. Jimin's legs let him down, the world spinning around them.

His heart pumping faster and faster with excitement, he felt as though his entire blood volume had went to his two most precious organs, his heart which was aching deliciously at the warm embrace and his mind, which only thought about how his chin felt soft against his, how their sweaty foreheads glided against each other at each rougher move.

But he didn't care, the only thing that mattered was the way Taehyung's desperate squeezes felt on his burning skin, how it so easily brought chills to his spine and how he craved to hear their hearts beat in sync eternally.

Scared of letting go, Jimin wrapped his arms around his neck, bringing his body impossibly closer. Wholly engrossed in the kiss, he hurriedly parted Taehyung's mouth wider with his plump, swollen lips, their erratic breathing shamelessly mixing together.

He gently flicked his tongue on his bottom lip before exploring each spot tenderly, making him breath in sharply as their mouths danced in sync, fitting perfectly with one another.

The intensity of it let them breathless. Taehyung reluctantly broke their passionate kiss, their moist lips glowing under the moon light. The full moon reflected their inner self, the craziness that had been awaken, the crave that they could hardly put aside . Their faces instinctively inched closer and closer again, still deep in trance.

They remained in the exact same spot, listening to each other's heartbeat, breathing each other's fragrance. Jimin's drew circles on Taehyung's neck with his thumb, his mind still wandering on the kiss. He was freed from all negative thoughts, his heart as light as a feather as Taehyung stared absent-mindedly at his full lips that had caused him such harm and pleasure at the same time.

Sensing his heavy stare, Jimin looked up to him, his deep gaze tinting his cheeks a light shade of pink. As if caught in an inviting and compelling spell, they abruptly held firmly on each other, the closeness sending an electric current through both their bodies.

The air feeling too thick between them, Taehyung impatiently closed all the distance, tugging on his bottom lip, the feeling of burning, sensitive flesh between his teeth driving him insane. So fragile yet full of small nerves able to return the situation at Jimin's advantage at any moment.

Yet, the situation didn't seem to bother him, he was a shaking mess under Taehyung grip, the hands linked together on the taller's lower back tightening and pressing him fully against him as the seconds passed. Feeling a current of pleasure running through his body at a stronger tug, Jimin pushed his forehead harder against him, pure euphoria flowing in his veins.

He let him do his magic, the sighs of pain, lust and happiness occasionally fleeing his throat weakly. His body set on fire, responsive to every touch.

When his jaw started to ache at the lack of movement, Taehyung released his grip, placing a light peck on his lips before placing his forehead on him, their red and cold noses brushing from time to time.

" So...What do you think ?", Taehyung finally broke the silence, a cheeky smile plastered on his lips, his breath fanning Jimin's face.

"...Well...Damn...", Jimin answered the first thing that came to his mind, in other words, shock. "That", his cheeks turned crimson red again as he shyly buried his head in the crook of Taehyung's neck.

Taehyung smiled sweetly, his fingers making their way to his nape, fiddling with his soft hair, " New...I can easily believe this, you seemed to like it very much so", he teased him, chuckling faintly.

" Well...", Jimin trailed off, "It was different", he looked down, fiddling with the end of his hoodie, still feeling shy about their passionate moment.

"What a cutie", Taehyung mumbled, his heart feeling delightful. Jimin's lips curved into a smile even though he tried his best to hide it. "Why was it different ?", Taehyung asked suddenly, bringing Jimin deep in thoughts.

"I guess it was the first time I actually felt something...That was quite intense inside", he bit his lips, feeling embarrassed.

"Yeah...I could feel it actually", Taehyung teased, looking with a suggestive frown down Jimin's crotch, making the other look down at himself.

"Shit !", his eyes widened as he stepped away from Taehyung, trying helplessly to hide it by pulling down his sweater.

"Don't worry, I got one too", he reassured him, sitting down as he patted a spot beside him. "Come on, let's just cool down", he suggested, his lips still swollen from the kiss. "yeah let's cool down", Jimin repeated, trying to convince his body to stop whatever it was doing.

They waited like this, listening to the faint city noises as Taehyung laid his head on Jimin's shoulder, sighing in satisfaction.

"What is it ?", Jimin asked, eager to know what made him feel this good. "Just, you know, earlier I told you I would find what was going on with you and now we're here...clinging to each other", he smiled sheepishly, a faint flush on his contented face.

" Yeah... A lot happened, who would have thought, that it would be that quick to find the source of the problem ?", he looked ahead, his heart feeling relieved, the answers to his questions clear as day.

"Well...sometimes you just need the help of someone you wouldn't even have thought of...", Taehyung spoke happily, holding Jimin's hand and intertwining their cold fingers together.

"Yeah, you're right...", Jimin nodded sleepily , leaning on his touch, feeling the heat radiating off him. He knew what he had to do, the fluttery feeling in his stomach too obvious to ignore.

The Time Of One Night Vmin -The End-

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