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A poem about colors and the meaning behind them, the story of a hook-up.


Colors are what I see when I close my eyes

They disperse into light, fine particles

Zooming around erratically, like flies

Read her up and down, like articles

I've got the colors on me

Purple and green, oh why

The great colors of destiny

Aging beautifully, oh my fine wine

But yet I carry the blue with me

Mix it with the black, you have a swirl

Oh the deal is, quite a travesty

She's drowning in liquor, quite a twirl

The night comes to an end

The colors are fading

From unimpressed, to foe, to friend

Oh the color, she's bathing

Once perfect, she's over

The red on her white dress

But, she's now much older

Paint on her face, it's really quite the mess

The ambience of red and blue frighten her

Crumbled to pieces over a guy who wanted to fuck

It all started off with a 'sure'

Last moments in a speeding truck

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