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She just thought she was enough

Where to go

Once there was a woman so had loved her man so well

She fell in love so hard so she couldn't imagine that their love story will be in tragedy.

The most saddest day of her life came. She discovered her man was cheating on her. She doesn't know what to do or to speak. Should she be calm? Angry? Frustrated ? The man of her life is not truly hers.

She managed to speak with her man. Her eyes already swollen. There were asking questions. WHY?

Why did he do it? She wanted to ask what was the reason. Was she boring? Plain? Melancholy?

Her heart crushed when he heard the words from her love. "You mean nothing to me but a responsibility. We have a baby I have to take Care of you"

She couldn't stop her tears from falling. She felt helpless and self pity.

She thought that her love is enough for him. She gave up everything for this man whom she thought will be her forever.

She defied her family. Gave up her career. Fame and dignity He was her first true love. She was his biggest mistake and the baby.

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