Baby let’s watch the sunset
Baby let’s watch the sunset 

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bananapoetry Community member
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Yes we go sky watching. Because living is a blessing.

Baby let’s watch the sunset

Darling I’ve told you before to look up at the sky and you only ever glanced and smiled.

This is not a laughing matter.

When I ask you to watch the clouds it is so you find meaning in the breath I breathe and warm skin I give you.

I’ve said many times before that a piece of glass is buried in my forearm and in that piece of glass there is a star and two moons.

Baby I’ve told you that we are galaxies.

And the gold in the sky is under the skin of my thumbs and forefinger.

And when I rub them together and clasp the side of your jaw, you are being blessed beyond imagination.

Baby I hope you know that I am a blessing.

Baby I hope you know that we are a blessing.

So please, baby please. Look up at the sky.

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