leprous death stories

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the whims of a failed lover


ah, to lust for death,

where the heart no longer beats,

and the soul is content,

indifferent, to summer's breeze,

and the cold winter's draught,

where your eyes no longer see,

the lost passions of many a lover,

where your ears no longer hear,

the cries of a thousand born, and gone

where your tongue no longer tastes,

the gentle lips you crave,

where your nose no longer smells,

that deceitful rose, prickled with thorns

where your hands no longer feel,

the blade with which you bade,

ah, my insides turn cold,

and my skin glows with warmth,

as my tears blend with the oozing blood,

no pain to hide, no loss to bare,

take me to those far lands,

where the sun never rises,

where the clouds thunder no more,

where the winds have settled,

and the waters still,

take me to those far lands,

for in nothing, i find my all

and in death, i abound with life,

my leprous spirit,

take me, please.

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