One Day Super Powers: Part Two
One Day Super Powers: Part Two super stories

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Things begin to heat up as our test subject experiences more powerful abilities

One Day Super Powers: Part Two

This was the day that I began fervently taking notes on my daily condition. As I began my day, I hadn't noticed any sort of detrimental powers

taking hold. I ate my breakfast, showered, brushed my teeth, and got dressed without incident. My mind, however, had been racing the whole time, struggling to figure

out what sort of horrible power would interrupt my life today. I made my way outside and, to my relief, found that I could no longer hear the thoughts of others. As

calming as that was, I couldn't help but ponder what sort of twisted ability would creep itself in to my day and derail my plans again. The distant sound of cars

racing to their destinations lightly danced through the air. My standard walking path had been nearly bereft of all traffic. I passed a couple on what appeared to be

their first date, an elderly man walking his dog, and a teenager who had no doubt skipped school that day to hang out in the park. Offering each of them a smile and a

gentle nod, I continued along my path, trying various ideas that rushed through my head to coax out whatever power was hiding within me for the day. I must of looked

crazy to anyone who might have seen my antics. After nearly two hours, I gave up and decided to enjoy my day. There was no point in wasting the day trying to figure

out what could ruin it. I sat on a bench and relaxed, watching the birds fly from limbs to power lines and back again. In that moment, I had nearly forgotten about

this whole trail and the days it had stolen from me with it ridiculous side effects. The wind began to pick up, whipping my hair around my face violently. I decided to

make my way to a nearby store to take refuge from the unrelenting gusts that plagued me, but I never made it to that store. As I made my way down the path, the wind

began to blow more violently. It had cause me to stumble quite a few times. My frustration grew as I tried to maneuver my way through the park. After what felt like

hours, though it had probably only been a few minutes, I felt rage boiling up inside my stomach. Anger management had never been one of my strong suits, and today it

would prove to be quite problematic. The wind was now blowing hard enough to knock me off balance if I stood strait up. I stumbled to the side of the path and down a

slight incline until I smashed in to a tree. Pain shot through my shoulder, causing me to shout. At that moment, I found out what the pills had done to me. My voice

boomed across the park, knocking trees over and collapsing a nearby bridge than ran over a stream. Panicked shouts began to flood the air as everyone rushed to get as

far away from me as possible. I stood in shock for several minutes before realizing that I had cause this chaos. My voice acted as a shockwave, toppling a few trees

and destroying a bridge. Without realizing it, I began to run back toward my apartment. It was several blocks away, but I couldn't afford to slow down. I had to get

inside before someone that recognized me caught wind of what had happened. As I made my way down the road I lived on, I heard the sound of sirens in the distance. It

was too late. The police had been called and they knew where I lived. Maybe running wasn't the wisest choice, but I was in a panic and didn't know what else to do. I

made my way down a lightly populated street and tried to blend in. Just when I had caught my breath, I heard a police officer yell, "There he is!" I looked up to see

an old friend of mine. I knew he was a police officer, but I never expected he'd be the one to arrest me. I never expected to do anything to call for my arrest. He

pulled his car over and got out, slowly making his way to me with his hand on his gun. "Wait," I tried to say as quietly as possible, but I didn't even finish the

word. Another shockwave bellowed from my lips, knocking the officer and several civilians down. He quickly drew his gun and aimed it at me. Again I found myself making

a stupid mistake out of fear. I shouted at him. Not as loud as I had shouted in the park, but loud enough to launch him and a few pedestrians across the road. I ran

the opposite direction as fast as I could. The sound of sirens blaring throughout the area began to saturate the air. They were looking for me under the assumption

that I was extremely dangerous. The only choice I had at this point was to hide. I ran down to an abandoned road and took it all the way to its end. There was a vast

forest surrounding the decrepit building that stood at the end of the road. I made my way in to the forest, trying to cover my tracks as I ran. It sounded like the

entire police force was on the hunt for me. They made their way to the forest and formed several search teams to sweep the area. They must have known I would attempt

to hide here. However, they didn't know that there was path that led to another town close to the center of the forest. As quickly as I could, I made my way to the

path and began following it. I had a decent gap, but I knew they would find the path and follow it. All I had to do was make it to the town and I would be able to

blend in with the populace there, at least for a few days. My thoughts raced more now than they ever had. What was I going to do now? Not only had I destroyed a

section of the park, but I also assaulted a police officer and several civilians. It didn't help that I was running away from them so desperately, but I was in too

deep to explain myself now. The path made several twists and turns leading up to a junction. My memory wasn't the best so I chose a random path and ran down it as

quickly as I could. Before long I found myself just outside of the town I had been searching for. With a celebratory pump of my fist, I made my way in to the streets.

It was difficult to act casually around so many people after spending a few hours on the run from the police, but I had to look as inconspicuous as possible. I stopped

by a clothing store and bought a new outfit, quickly changing behind the building and throwing my old clothes in a nearby dumpster. This town was about the same size

as the one I lived in, but the population was considerably higher. This made it easier for me to simply follow crowds around, keeping myself as hidden as possible. As

difficult as it was, I made my way to the other side of the town without speaking a single word to anyone, for fear that my voice would cause more catastrophic damage.

I found an old motel at the edge of town and bought a room for the night. Even though it was still early, I was exhausted and ready for the day to end. I went to

sleep, hopeful that the next day would bring better fortune.

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