One Day Super Powers: Part Four
One Day Super Powers: Part Four series stories

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The group continues their journey to Brazil, but they encounter some unexpected problems along the way

One Day Super Powers: Part Four

It had been nearly two months since I left my old life behind. The powers that once dominated my life, each in their own unique and

horrible way, now fueled my conquest. When I agreed to take on this journey with Lillian, my only motivation was to hide from the authorities until my powers faded,

but that wasn't an option. It became clear to me that these powers were a part of me now. Lillian told me they would eventually settle when I mastered control over

them. I would have one static power that would continue to grow in strength. The thought comforted me, pushing me to train myself. Urging me to gain full control.

These powers had wrought such chaos on my life, it only felt right that they do something for me in return. But the closer we got to Brazil, the less time I had to

practice. We were constantly running operations for various reasons. Safety, stability, route planning, and much more. I attempted to convince Lillian to let me stay

behind so I could practice maintaining control. I told her I was only holding them back due to the chaotic nature of my powers, yet she insisted that I come along. I

spent most of my time with her and Jolene. Jolene was quiet, always buried in her work. I've been told that she's some sort of super genius, but it's hard to gauge

someone's intelligence when they never speak. Lillian told me I just needed to pay attention, but she never did anything. She just sat back and watched as Lillian and

I gathered supplies and marked locations. I just let the subject go. If she didn't want to talk to me, I couldn't make her. We eventually found ourselves at the Gulf

of Mexico and were faced with a difficult decision. Should we take a boat strait to South America, or should we travel through the various countries that still blocked

our path? I voted to take a boat to save time, but Lillian was set on remaining on land. I couldn't quite figure her out. She seemed to have more information than she

was sharing with the group, or at least more than she was sharing with me. We made our way through Mexico without incident, and, to my surprise, rather quickly. It

wasn't until we reached Costa Rica that we ran across another road block. Lillian had made it a point to keep our operations a secret. If the governments of the world

found out that we were rounding up all of their test subjects for a world wide rebellion, it could cause problems. Despite her meticulous planning and strategic

movement plan, Costa Rica had caught wind of our group. We had barely crossed the border when we were fired upon. Bullets rained down from every direction. Luckily for

us, my power for the day happened to be some form of telekinesis. I had gained enough control to form barriers, though their integrity was a bit lacking. I kept us

protected as much as I could while we scurried through some old buildings, but they were bringing the hammer down on us. I could hear helicopters in the distance and

excited chatter from the troops outside as a tank rolled up. I thought this was our final chapter, but Jolene finally decided to show me just how intelligent she was.

She pulled out a small device from her backpack that looked like a computer chip and began tinkering with it. After a few seconds, she pulled out a pistol. It didn't

look special at all to me, just a standard nine millimeter. That is, until she put the chip on the side of the gun. Wires crawled from beneath the chip, encompassing

the entire pistol, transforming it in to some sort of futuristic ray gun. At least that's what I thought it was. She fired a single round in to the middle of the

troops, missing every target. I looked at her, confused as to why she would actively miss. Then there was a loud bang. I looked back out to the battlefield and saw

some sort of vortex pulling the soldiers in. One by one it consumed them. It ripped the helicopter from the sky and toppled the tank over before it finally vanished.

It would have been perfect had the vortex not obliterated the building we were using for cover. Lillian didn't seem worried, though. Most of the soldiers had been

dealt with and those that remained fled from the scene. Just when it seemed as though we were safe, the tank flew from the ground, landing several meters away.

Standing in its place was a large man clad in only Costa Rica military pants and boots. He made Barron look like a toddler. I looked at Lillian and tried to hide the

panicked tone in my voice as I spoke, "Okay, now what do we do?" She signaled for Jolene to escort us away as she approached the behemoth standing in the center of the

now decimated town. I followed Jolene but couldn't help looking back. I didn't want to leave Lillian to face this man on her own, but she seemed confident that she

could handle it. We had barely made it outside the combat zone when Jolene pulled out another gadget. A portal gun of some sort. She created a portal in front of us

and urged everyone inside. When we came out the other side, we were in what appeared to be a factory. Jolene rushed toward a terminal that sat on the other side of the

room and began typing away. She attached a device to it and pointed to a nearby wall where a live feed of the battle was being projected it. Lillian stood before the

monstrosity that had forced our retreat. She smirked as the man growled and pounced on her. In one swift motion, she dodged his attack and punched his chest,

launching him several feet in the air. She quickly jump up to meet him with a vicious dropkick, hurdling him through a building. When she landed, she coyly brushed her

hair back and folded her arms, waiting for the man to retaliate. She didn't have to wait long, as the man lunged out from the debris and raced toward her. With one

hand, she grabbed his arm and forced him to the ground, wrenching his arm behind his back. She leaned down and whispered something in his ear, which he replied to with

a simple nod. Then she released him and turned toward us. It was creepy to see her so far away but still making eye contact with me through whatever device Jolene had

rigged up. Jolene shot her portal gun to the side and we watched as Lillian entered the portal from her side and emerged in the factory with us. She held up a hand,

signaling for our silence as she walked around the room. After a few moments, she finally spoke, "That was Costa Rica's first successful test subject. In this region,

the super humans we'll be encountering will likely have unique and unpredictable powers. The funding for the programs here come from various sources, such as drug

lords and local tyrants. We should be safe for the time being. I told our friend their that if he reported our deaths, I would allow him to live. It won't buy us much

time though. They'll soon figure out that we're still alive, so we need to move quickly. We're close to our objective and we can not afford any delays." With that, she

left us to set up shop. I nervously examined the factory we were in, but not too carefully. I knew we wouldn't be here long. Our journey was becoming more and more

dangerous as we grew closer to our goal. The governments of the world were taking notice. It wouldn't be long before we would no longer have the option to operate

from the shadows. A great war was looming on the horizon, and we had very little time to prepare.

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