True Colors
True Colors romance stories
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baekon @m.using.s on ig
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My inner feelings about our relationship.

True Colors

In the beginning

We were fast passionate thrilling We were on a roller coaster that only went up

We tried to go slow for my sake It was my first time being in love It wasn't yours

Our first kiss wasn't magical in fact, it was terrible I'm sorry I didn't have any experience

You told me you loved me on the very first date I turned my attention back to the movie

The roller coaster we were on soon made its descent slowly and perpetually

We were topless on your bed you were holding me I looked at you saw love in your eyes And told you, "I'm ready"

I told you I loved you too what else can I say?

...It hurt and you knew you can see the tears in my eyes we still continued

In the end

I broke it off one two three four five times... I lost count of how many more

Couldn't you see I wasn't happy? Couldn't you see I wanted more? Why couldn't you let me go? Why didn't you treat me the way you always promised you would? Why didn't you REALLY love me?

I guess I'll never know the answers I let you go for the last time You're finally free of me And I've freed myself from the heartache that is you

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