To all the girls affected by terrorism...
To all the girls affected by terrorism...  feminist stories

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The Boko-Haram, Taliban, and other terrorist organisations have destroyed the lives of so many people, that the numbers are uncertain. I read a book called 'Buried Beneath the Baobab Tree' about a young girl who was kidnapped by the Boko-Haram. I almost cried reading it.

To all the girls affected by terrorism...

The weeping widows from years ago, stood listening on the tips of their toes. The soft sound of 'pitter' and 'patter' rang out through the room like dangerous laughter.

The young women looked around, seeing their husbands throughout the town. To understand what they had lost, first you must know what they've got. Husbands, men, unfaithful and rude.

Treating them like they're meant to be used. Believe me, these men were alive and well. Husbands they have, though they wish they had fell. You see, a husband is not what these widows grieve.

No, they wish death upon the thieves, who stole their innocence from their heart, ripped their beliefs, and tore their lives apart.

They're widows for their dreams, who died when their clothes were ripped off from the seams.

They mourn the loss of childhood and true love, which were taken by the men they must call to go above.

They grieve for their friends who were not spared, but neither was their livelihood or heirs. In fact, all of their pasts that remain, are wistful thoughts of the ancient days.

However, though locked and beaten and subdued, these womans' strengths will not lose. There is an army of fighters, fighting for you. A community of girls, learning the truth. We are here.

You will be heard. You will be thought for, cared for, loved and trusted, never told to hush it, and your potential will rise. And rise it will. Pay no head to the past from so long ago.

This is what we wish, though it may not yet be real, the point stays the same, there are ways to heal. We are working on finding ways to reveal.

We are coming, we are searching, we are watching for you. Because just like us and all young girls, you deserve the truth.

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