The Numbness Rises/You deserve better
The Numbness Rises/You deserve better mentalhealth stories
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Numb fingers shaking Heart beat racing

The Numbness Rises/You deserve better

Numb fingers shaking

Heart beat racing

Can you hear that sound?

It's my bloodstream pacing

Lips turning blue

Tongue quivering in fright

Feet have lost their tune

Thoughts won't solidify

Numbness? It comes

It will rise

It will rise

That's when hands itch to grab the blade

And bleed into the night

When I talk about self harm I usually only mention cutting, but that's not the only form. Piercing, burning, bruising, any form of hurting, that's all self harm you don't deserve it.

It doesn't help, the relief always fades. It doesn't take long to get addicted, not even days. Once a month goes to a hundred times a day, don't take the risk. Don't play with pain.

OH! I forgot to mention starving, that's a form too. Carpet burns, freezing, it's all self harm, and you're worth more than that. You can feel better.

Get help if you need, and if you're harming or considering it, then you need. I know too many people who do it to feel relieved, they refuse to get help, it's unpleasant believe me.

So please take care of yourselves. Don't end up like the team.

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