My Darkest Parts
My Darkest Parts poetry stories

badwriting Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   2 months ago this is what I do in my freetime...hehe.

My Darkest Parts you hear that? That empty noise? Gripping words are the husks of trust and poise?

When you survive surrounded by insincerity and stress, you cover your heart with a broken net.

So when shadows creep behind your door, knock and scream and beg for more, I close my eyes and cover my ears, in my darkest parts I'll appear.

Somwhere south of hell Behind my heart Between my lungs and Rib cages marks. This is the realm of seething art

Bones like quills, Blood's my ink, write and write till I can't think Hold these verses to my heart, I feel safe in my darkest parts.

These are the sentences no one sees, -The ones that make me want to scream -In the comfort of my hidden starts, welcome to my darkest parts.

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