Cute Gay Couple pt 8 (One shot)
Cute Gay Couple pt 8  (One shot) gay stories

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Don't read if you feel uncomfortable with sex ‘cause there’s insinuation

Cute Gay Couple pt 8 (One shot)

It was around 7 in the morning, and me and Kayd were waiting for the next bus.

Both of us were huddled under the small plastic booth at the bus stop, trying to avoid the rain pounding down over our head like it had some vendetta against us. Of course I was leaning against him, trying to steal his body heat because I'm a cold mf.

"Don't worry Trist, we won't be late Trist, we don't need an umbrella Trist-" Kayd cut me off with an eye roll as he poked my rib cage. "Don't make me kiss you to get you to shush."

Knowing he would be willing to do that, I closed my mouth and tried to keep my teeth from chattering. Speaking of kissing, my boyfriend's round lips were turning blue.

Kayd caught me staring and laughed, draping his arm around my shoulders and pressing his ice cold lips against my cheek. "You can do more than look, you know." He teased.

I rolled my eyes, but rested my head on his shoulder and watched the rain pound against the sidewalk. "You look like a blueberry babe."

Blue eyes, blue lips, and blue shirt somewhere beneath that coat.

He laughed at my irritation with the weather before replying, "Well if you're a strawberry then it's only right that I'm a blueberry." "I am not a strawberry!" I argued. ...that was a mistake.

Without skipping a beat Kayd's hand landed on my hip and his fingers curled around the top of my pants.

I felt all the blood rush to my face as I went rigid and he burst out laughing, moving his hand. "Well you are know." "Oh shut up."

He quietly pushed the hair that was plastered to his forehead out of his face and smiled at me. "Only way that'll happen is if my mouth is doing something else."

"What is wrong with you today?!" I hit him over the head, turning away before he could see my red cheeks.

Kayd burst out laughing and grabbed my hand, knitting his fingers with my shivering ones and squeezing tightly. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm just joking with you...

unless you don't want it to be a joke-" A mother with her baby entered the small booth and Kayd shut up.

We spent the next seven minutes making funny faces at the baby (who was wearing an adorable purple hat) until the bus came.

We hurried through the sheet of rain that was crashing down on us and into the bus...which was cramped. My worst nightmare was in its way.

My boyfriend grabbed my wrist, and we maneuvered ourselves to the back of the bus and against the wall.

All the seats were taken and there was barely any space between passengers, so I was squashed against Kayd and the wall. I shifted my weight against the more comfortable one, smiling as they lightly kissed my forehead.

Kayd stepped back against the wall, his hand falling onto my waist and his lips brushing against mine. "Fuck it is cold.”

I nodded, pressing myself further against the metal, trying to give him some space. Kayd raised an eye and stated, "Babe, I don't mind being squished against you.” (@taebby hereS a cupcake)

That would have been a perfectly okay thing to say if not for the pervy voice. Luckily everyone was on their phones and our voices were drowned out. Once again I turned my blushing face away from him, and tried to sound annoyed. Which was really hard because he was adorable while shoving wet locks of blond hair out of his face.

"Shut up!" He laughed some more, finally backing down. "Okay okay I'm done for the day. Relax-" then the most awkward moment of my life ensued.

The bus screeched to a stop, and the whole thing jolted back. Kayd's hand fell off from around me, people crashed to the floor, and I was tossed backwards against the wall...

except remember Kayd's hand? Yeah, well it kinda was on it's way back to his side when MY BUTT crashed into it. It. Was.

BAD! I somehow turned red for the third time in three minutes, and when I tried to step away, the fucking bus started to back up and I was thrown against the wall again.

Kayd looked like he was trying his best not to laugh as he started to pull away, kissing my temple quickly.

"That wasn't my fault I swear!" But now I had a blond idiot staring at my ass for the rest of the bus ride. I must say, he was a very cute idiot though.

I thought Kayd was getting jealous of the way this creep kept staring at me until it was our stop and he practically dragged me off. "Perv.”

I stopped and turned to look at his blueberry eyes and smiled.

"You look at me all the time-" "-yeah! I'm the only one allowed to even think about touching you that way!" He complained, pulling me against him and walking down the street.

"Someone else even jokes about that, it's not gonna end well for them!" He may be a creep, but he's my creep. ...and I won't lie I have had my creep days too. But I love him everyday, and that won’t change. He’s my lil blueberry. A very sassy one at that.

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