Cute gay couple part three (things get really cute after slide 26 bear with me)
Cute gay couple part three (things get really cute after slide 26 bear with me) lgbtq stories

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Raven's a perv, and we love Kayd. That's all you need to know. OH and the first three slides are kinda boring but be freaking patinet peeps.

Cute gay couple part three (things get really cute after slide 26 bear with me)

By the time class was over, Mr. Green had announced that there was a group project due next month. And it was a big one.

We would be in teams of two, and by the size of it we'd have to meet up after school. Kayd grinned at me from his seat, and I rolled my eyes.

We had a competition about grades, and so far I was winning. "Having said that, write your teams name on the list before your lunch break." And the bell rang.

Theo popped up at my desk, and we gave the other smug grins, knowing that kayd and Henry were doomed. We were the two biggest berds in the class and it was a title we wore proudly.

My boyfriend sent me a death glare from the back of the class, which in turn made me laugh and him smile softly. I'd so pretty much anything to see that damn smile.

The clipboard was in the corner of the room, and I walked over to it, prepared to kick ass for the soul purpose of annoying my boyfriend.

But as soon as I made it there, Raven appeared next to me. "Oh, there you are." The smug look on his face automaticly made me scan the room for my boyfriend, but sadly he was gone. As was everyone else.

Raven stepped forward, his eyes scanning me over like an old car he was remodeling.

Right away feeling uncomfortable with his gaze, I shuffled backwards which was dumb because next thing I knew, I was against the wall.

"You were looking for me?" I asked, my gaze darting around for an excuse to leave. "Yeah. I mean, we're friends, I just want to know how you've been."

He leaned forward, placing his hand on the wall to my right, trapping me between him and the beige bricks. Just flippin' great. I shrugged trying to be casual, "Pretty good...

not much had changed since you've left-" "Except for you and Kayd dating?" He interrupted with a grin. This guy had cheshire-creep written all over him. "Yeah. That happened."

I said bluntly. He shrugged as if to say, 'what can ya do?' "Ya know, he only ever reffered to you as a friend. I'm surprised. Then again, with that blond boy you never know what to expect. One moment he's next to you on the couch and the next he's flirting with some dumb chick at a bar."

...that was definitly one thing that I was insecure about.

Kayd had always been a player, and it did make me nervouse sometimes...but those were my insecurities and I would have to deal with them.

I oppened my mouth to point out that he had done the same thing to Kayd, but Raven continued before I could do so.

"Anyways, what's goin' on with you?" I blinked, unimpressed by his rushed cover up and said, "Not much." That I was gonna tell him about. "Dude, you seriously look different."

I didn't like the way his eyes kept shifting over me, lingering on my face and thighs. "Not really. It's only been a couple of months, it's not like I've been excersizing.."

But lugging around stage equipment wasn't exactly easy the first time. "Hell of a couple of months at that."

"Anyways, do you wanna work together for the project? You can come to my place tommorow after school."

He stared at me with an expectant grin that made it look like I didn't really have a choice. "Uh...sorry, me and Henry were planning on being on a team."

I glanced at the door, hoping someone would oppen it soon because this was far, far to akward with his gaze continously running over me and his arm blocking my path.

I did not like how close his body was getting to mine. Raven laughed, "Oh, well, sorry. I already handed in the the sheet to Mr. Gray or wahtever, we're already together.

So my place tommorow after school? I can meet you at your locker and we can walk to my house it's not far." He continued, acting like he hadn't just gotten his ex's boyfriend to go to his house.

His emerald eyes were shinning brightly as he flashed me a smile. ...what a perv. He got closer to me, his smug grin only becoming bigger.

I stepped back, but I was already against the wall so that didn't do much. "Well if you already handed in the paper then..." I grumbled, looking at my beat up converse. Then my prayers were answered and Kayd showed up.

Raven stepped away from me in surprise and turned to my boyfriend. "Oh. You." He said dryly as if his existence was of no interest to him.

Kayd took one look at us, and next thing I know he had his arm around my shoulder, steering me away from the black haired boy. "Yep, see you later Rave!" And he pulled me out of the classroom.

Bringing me into the hallway, and turning down a few corridors, Kayd stopped and faced me. "You okay?" The concern in voice as his eyes brushed over me for any damamge made me smile.

"Yeah...that guy's a creep." I muttered. Kayd nodded in bitter agreement, slipping one hand onto my shoulder and the other around my waist, leaning forward and kissing me on the lips.

I smiled and put my hands on his hips, pushing myself upwereds as far as I could and kissing him on the forehead. "He put us in a group for the project."

Kayd pulled back and looked at me annoyed for a second. "And you said yes?" He raised a blond eyebrow and I shook my head quickly. "He did it without asking me.

And apparently I'm going to his place tommorow." My boyfriend forwned, clearly not okay with this arangement.

The bitter look on his face was the same one he wore whne actualy trying to pass a test he wasn't prepared for. "Here's the plan.

You are wearing one of my sweatshirts, and I'm picking you up so we can go to my place after.

Deal?" I laughed at the dead serious look he was giving me and threaded my fingers together so that my arms were locked around him. "Protective now are we?" I asked sarcasticly, rolling my eyes.

Kayd looked at me and bluntly said, "Yes, yes we are. Sorry Trist-" He grinned, easing me against the wall and leaning over me.

The sunlight sreaming in through the window behind him made his skin glow and hair turn a rusty golden colour. "-but you're mine."

I smiled at the matter of factly tone he used as he slipped his hand from my shoulder to the back of my head, intertwining his fingers with my brown hair.

And with that, he kissed me on the lips again. I laughed, kissing him back for a few moments then resting my forehead on his shoulder. It was such a comfortable position I swear are bodys were made specificlay for the purpose of being comfortable when cuddling with one another. "I'm very okay with that arangement.

As long as you know you're mine too." I stated, letting him kiss my head before looking back up at him. "Ha, fat chance anyone's getting me from you.

No one has a magical colour changing face like you do." He grinned mischeiviously, stepping closer. NO NOT AGAIN! I started quickly, "Oh don't you dare-" He cut me off with a kiss on the lips strong enough to make me turn strawberry red all over.

Yep, he's definitely mine. *Insert evil Tristian glare* Back off lady's and gents and all in between, includinng non binary. He's. Mine.

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