Cute Gay couple part nine
Cute Gay couple part nine gay stories

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I may have posted this already by accident but I don't give a fuck! Also, I know the writing isn't great quality but if you're going to judge, give me suggestions on how too get better.

Cute Gay couple part nine

"Trisssttttt!" My boyfriend called out, practically singing my name as he stepped into my house. "Kayyyydddddd!" I walked down the stairs and smiled at him.

"Where were you?" I laughed at the concern in his voice, pulling him into a hug and kissing him lightly on the cheek.

"Hi babe, how was your day? Good, you? Fine, where were you?" He rolled his eyes, shoving me off, then frowning at the loss of contact and pulling me back. "Fine if you insist.

Hello Tristian how was your day?" I shrugged, "Boring. Better now that you're here." He smiled sheepishly at the words, pushing his blond hair out of his eyes. He can hit on me all he wants but the second I do it back, he acts stunned. "Good to know.

Where were you? Did you eat?" His eyes scanned over me quickly, landing on my stomach. "Yes, yes I did.. And you look like a fucking snack." Riley and Baylie made sure that I ate.

The whole band did. "I was with the band, didn't I tell you yesterday at your place?" He shook his head, putting his hands in his pockets. "Hate to tell you, but the moment we started cuddling in my room I fell asleep on you."

I know he did. That's when I kissed his messy mop of blond, and stole back my sweatshirt.

"SHOCKER!" I gasped, pulling him over to my old creaky couch in front of the glitchy TV. He's not the only when who can start the cuddle session, okay? Fuck off, I need my Kayd-time. The dosses keep me happy.

"Oh and Trist-" I rolled my eyes when he shoved me onto the couch, glaring at me and pushing me down so I was flat on my back.

"WHERE IS THE SWEATSHIRT!?" "I'M NOT TELLING YOU!" "Pfft, I'm not getting off of you until you do." He said matter of factly, laying down on me with ease.

And mean full on sprawling out like I'm a mattress, then wrapping his arms around me. I shrugged. "I don't mind. You're comfy."

Once before we started dating, me and Kayd had been on a camping trip with the school, and shared a tent.

Freya snuck in a bottle of liquor, and all of us went into the woods at night, and got drunk as hell.

We did the usual games around the fire, and went back to our tents around one in the morning. Me and Kayd slipped inside ours, but neither of us could fall asleep.

So we decided to continue the games by ourselves, betting things like random pennies we found and stuff. Slowly it got colder, until Kayd randomly went up behind me and wrapped his arms around me while grazing his lips against my neck. "Sorry, just cold." And the games continued.

Until we decided that whoever the winner is get's to make the loser do something for them. Kayd picked a game he knew I sucked at, beat me easily, and grinned.

"I dare you to give me a kiss."

I felt myself turn the color of the sun that was rising outside of our canvas tent, turning the air crimson and stuttered, "K- Kayd-" He simply shrugged at my surprise as if it was nothing and said,

"Tisk tisk, a deal's a deal." He seemed so casually handsome in the red light with messy hair, a crazy grin and careless movements.

I stared as he leaned over the scattered mess of playing cards between us, getting closer to me without hesitation. We were so, so drunk.

Putting one hand on the cold ground next to me, and the other on my shoulder he pushed me down so I was on my sleeping bag and kissed me on the lips.

We both fell asleep a few minutes after, and woke up in the morning to find that we had WENT TO SLEEP CUDDLING UNDER ONE OF THE BLANKETS WE BROUGHT! Point being he's so, so comfy.

It feels like our bodies shaped themselves simply for the purpose of snuggling with each other. "I'll make you a deal." I grinned.

Kayd put his elbows on either side of my shoulders and his face was directly above mine. "I don't like the look on your face. I mean your face itself is pretty adorable, but that look is scary." He knows me too well.

I pushed myself up, kissed him on the forehead, then whispered in his ear. "You can keep the sweatshirt if I get one of yours."

He froze and glared at me, kissing me on the cheek then shoving me back down. "Ha, fat chance." I shrugged, "Your loss." Kayd groaned like a child being punished and said, "Fineeeee...

can I stay on top of you though?" He lay down, resting his head on my chest and wrapping his arms around me, trapping me. I smiled, my cheeks turning pink. "Yeah, that's okay babe." Then reality punched me in the fucking face.

WAIT A SEC-" Kayd cut me off with an evil grin and grabbed the remote. "TOO BAD BABE!" Asshole. I love him though. No matter how many of my sweatshirts he steals, I'm always gonna love him.

Especially with his crazy grin and skin turning gold with afternoon light streaming in the windows and his eyes burning a brilliant blue. I really did fall in love with him...

and I know he loved me too. (I kinda want to them on the camping trip and the whole entire thing is just Kayd casually hitting on Trist like it's nothing. Comment ig if that's what you want.)

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