Attempt at a gay couple (I tried to shorten it, this isn't part one just a test run to see if people like this style of writing)
Attempt at a gay couple (I tried to shorten it, this isn't part one just a test run to see if people like this style of writing) gay stories

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I TRIED! Thank you so much for helping me @alic4, @weeabubae211004,
(MOST OF THE PICTURES IS A GRASS CALLERY) If this gets forty likes Imma be so happy

Attempt at a gay couple (I tried to shorten it, this isn't part one just a test run to see if people like this style of writing)

I was walking through the football (American) field after school on Thursday.

The place was deserted, after all it late afternoon and there wasn't practice, so the large expanse of green grass was mine to walk across, and mine alone.

Or so I thought, until the crisp blue sky stretched out above my head tilted and I was tackled onto the grass. Hitting the ground with a thud, all the wind was knocked out of me for a moment.

I flipped myself over so that I was on my back, and lo and behold, Kayd was on the floor next to me, grinning like an idiot. I hate how happy that smile makes me.

"That-" He stated calmly, shoving his blond hair out of his eyes. "-was meant to be a surprise hug from behind, but I slipped. Sorry."

Yes, my boyfriend's basically a lion cub who needs constant care and attention, and doesn't know their own strength. Deal with it.

Somehow we had both ended up sprawled out on the grass, our heads resting next to each other's but our feet pointing to opposite directions of the field.

He had propped himself onto his elbows and was smiling down at me with his sea green eyes that never cease to stun me into a momentary silence. "You good?" He asked, glancing over me.

I had just fallen flat on my face but seeing that ridiculous carefree expression made me feel just fine. "Sorry."

He repeated, poking my right cheek before leaning down and gently resting his lips on my skin where his finger had been lingering a moment ago.

I blushed at the contact as usual and couldn't stop a smile from forming on my lips as my heart fluttered. "Yeah-" I promised, looking him over although I had pretty much been his crash-mat.

"-I'm good." Kayd sighed contentedly before lying back down, his right temple pressed against mine.

We both lay in the grass for a few moments, enjoying the warm rays of sunlight bathing our skin in a yellow haze and the calm buzzing that came with the season.

He in his light blue jeans and red and white varsity jacket, and me in my dark blue jeans, shirt and flannel that he had forced me to wear because I apparently looked good in.

Although I had cheated and wrapped it around my waist.

After a moment of silence I sighed, sat up and leaned over him, kissing him on the lips and blushing when he rested his hand lightly on the back of my neck. (OMG THESE BIRDS ARE ADORABLE all the photos I could find where of straight couples or much too...uh, lustful)

His blue eyes looked like someone had borrowed a little bit of the sky, put them on his face, and never gave it back. "So..." I started, lying back down, ignoring my red face. "-are we gonna talk about what happened

or are we just going to pretend your ex whom you treated crappily, and treated you the same way, didn't show up?

" As mentioned before, Kayd was a player who had dated a lot of people, and he had been a complete and utter dick about it.

He hadn't treated them badly, of course he never got physical or manipulative, but to him dating was a sport, and he bounced from person to person,

not even caring much for the connection or the person themselves. I can't count the number of people or sexes he dated (he's pan, I'm bi.) and hearts he's broken.

But this guy, he was something else. His name was Raven, with jet black hair and stunning green eyes.

The name fit his look well, but by his personality the term, 'piece-of-human-feces' would work best.

Kayd, although he never stuck around for long and always kept the relationship casual, 'short and sweet', was respectful and made it clear that he wasn't looking for anything serious.

But this guy had put my best friend through some shit. The worst thing, he lied about wearing protection, and for another, he was insanely manipulative.

I had seen Kayd come over with bruises that he would insist were from football practice, but I'm not sure I believed him.

Kayd had really treated Raven badly towards the end of the relationship, he never got physical or overbearing, just became super closed off, rude,

and broke up with him over text while he was at dinner with his mom. Raven had switched school's the next day due to an unrelated incident, but now he was back, starting tomorrow.

Next to me, Kayd sighed and turned his face so that the back of his head was against my shoulder and his lips were gently grazing my cheek as he spoke.

He knows how giddy and fluttery that makes me feel, and how red I turn.

I swear that one of these days he's gonna hunt me down and spend the whole time being all affectionate and distractingly hot, simply to see how red I can go.

I can easily imagine him in his room, wearing my sweatshirt and circling a date on a calendar while rubbing his hands together like a mad scientist.

"This is the day that I turn my boyfriend into a literal fire hydrant." I swear to god that it's going to happen.

"Do you think he knows about us?" I silently turned my head so I was looking into his eyes which were hiding behind messy locks of golden hair.

I considered the likelihood of him not knowing, then remembered it was almost nonexistent. "Probably." I admitted, leaning forward and kissing him on the lips.

Our classes were constantly gossiping like their lives depended on it, so when the hot jock started dating his best friend/the-giver-of-advice (yes, they did really call me that.

We also had an 'adventure-guy'.) everyone was talking about it. We were also the third gay couple in the school, and we haven't been dating very long so it was still 'the hot topic'.

Me and Kayd didn't really care because the buzz wasn't about the fact that we liked dudes, but that that we liked eachother,

and we acted the same way to other people in our grade dating so it wasn't a big deal. I couldn't help but grin at my boyfriend, which made him give me a soft smile back.

Then my stomach, deciding to be a nincompoop, growled. "Aha-" Kayd commented, sitting up and leaning over me. I rolled my eyes, knowing what was coming next.

Kayd lifted my shirt and examined my stomach as if staring at it for long enough would help him figure out whether or not I had eaten my lunch.

Seeing my raised eye and hazy smile, he gently brushed his lips against my rib cage before pulling down my shirt, covering my tanned skin and narrowing his gaze onto my face.

"-did you eat today?" He questioned. I sighed, "Yes, yes I did." Seeming satisfied with this, he stood up and brushed himself off, straightening his back and smiling at me in the warm afternoon light.

He pushed his hair out of his eyes once more as a warm breeze shook his thick locks. "Alright." He grinned, "We're gonna go to the ice cream parlor." He looked down at me expectantly like a kid waiting for their mother until I groaned.

"Ugh, why do you insist on making me move?" Kayd laughed and said, "Because it's your treat?"

I rolled my eyes, plopping back down from my sitting position and looking up at the cloudless blue expanse above me. "Haha, nice try. Pay for your own ice cream."

Kayd sighed as if it was such a chore before curling up next to me and resting his head on my chest, which wasn't a position he often took. Kayd sighed as if it was such a chore before curling up next to me and resting his head on my chest, which wasn't a position he often took.

Usually he preferred to have his arm around me, but hey I wasn't going to complain.

I rested my hand on his head and took a deep breath, enjoying the gentle warmth from his body curled against mine.

I quietly intertwined my fingers through his soft hair before gently asking, "Kayd, are you okay?" He just didn't seem as...him, as usual. "Yeah..." He said softly. "I just..." My boyfriend sat up for a moment and studied my face carefully.

"I know he's going to talk to you Trist and I just..." He trailed off, looking away from me and fixing his gaze onto the net in the distance. No, no I am not okay with my boyfriend being anxious.

I am not okay with my boyfriend being anxious. I had enough of that for the both of us. I rolled my eyes with a soft smile and grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulling him down and kissing him lightly on the forehead.

"Don't worry, okay?" I spoke gently, raising my other hand and pushing his hair out of his eyes for him, while his hands were on the grass, next to either side of my face.

I quietly stared up at the gentle curve of his lips, his fair skin, and piercing blue eyes. "It'll be fine, I promise." I kept my tone soft, running my fingers through his golden hair and smiling at him.

Kayd broke out grinning, bending down and inching his face closer to mine. I winced at the thought of myself being transformed into a tomato and said, "Oh come on, really?"

My boyfriend shrugged unapologetic-ally and his whole entire demeanor was saying, 'Oh well'. "Sorry Trist." He said matter of factly, "But there's nowhere to run, and you are just too damn cute to pass up on right now."

I scoffed, trying to press myself into the grass as far away from his adorable face as I could. I can't help it, my heart hates me, and insists on fluttering and then beating like crazy

in my chest while my stomach fills with butterflies and a tingling sensation crawls up my spine, wrapping around my rib cage and zapping my heart. "So you wanting to kiss me is my fault?" I asked

sarcastically, my eyes darting around, looking for a way to escape. "Quite frankly-" he never says stuff like that unless he's trying to sound smart. "Yes." The completely blunt and unapologetic

look he was giving to me as his face became barely an inch away from mine made me break out with a soft smile. Seeing my eyes avert their gaze to the patch of sky above his right shoulder, Kayd

paused and moved his hand away from my face. I felt his fingers brush against my left hand and he stated, "Cold." I swallowed the lump in my throat, nodding in agreement. Kayd went back to being annoyingly good at making me feel giddy.

"As long as we're on the same page." He said, grinning like an idiot before pressing his lips against mine. Damn stupid him and his stupid hotness and his stupid talent of making my heart hammer in my chest and sending stupid tingles flying through me like bullets. ...and his stupid soft lips and stupid warm smile and...ugh, stupid hot Kayd.

I felt all my blood rush to my face as I blushed scarlet before kissing him back, and somehow I knew he was blushing too.

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