When our hearts sang
When our hearts sang heart-song stories

badwriter correct my grammatical mistakes :)
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Dear little old friend, my dear dear @poemsaboutlife; what dreadful inspiration you fill me with!

When our hearts sang

'My life is brilliant My love is pure'

'I saw an angel Of that I'm sure'

She smiled at me in the dungeon That we both had found our way to

And as they say that some matches Are made by heaven, and this time it's me and you

'You're beautiful It's true'

'She caught my eye As we walked on by'

Our bloodied spears clang and our hearts rang To the tone of our screams of victory sly

And it hit me there that it was always you; That I had yearned for when you met my eye

When we sat around the fire which we lit up for the pyre, And you shared your piece of the roast with me-

That bastard poor, did one thing well being dead He made us meet on this lovely spree

While eating his thigh, I made an eternal friend

I'll cherish that moment and 'twill last till the end.

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