What Struggles Parents Go Through
What Struggles Parents Go Through vampire stories

badwriter correct my grammatical mistakes :)
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
hiiii. be thankful for your parents. specifically if they are like the ones in the poem.

What Struggles Parents Go Through

I think tonight is the night That we should go out for a hunt Keep the kids nearby Take with us an axe blunt

Let us be very quiet On this solemn eve Not make much of a sound Like your late brother Steve

I'll go from this corner of the woods Crying and wailing and all You come from the other corner While I make the prey stall

And remember to bring the bucket Big one that we last bought The children have been too hungry And that's a thin chance that we have got

I'll catch them strongly as I can You slash them with a motion quick I'll call the kids out loud So they of hunger no more be sick

Darling mine it's such a bad world To bring up those innocent tots So let's fill the bucket and leave Before any of the blood clots

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