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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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something... less non-serious for the contest. I really don't know what this is. probably shit. hehehe never mind

To future me

Dear future me,

If you are reading this then damn. You have been such a God damned loser, you dipshit.

Who the hell in the world DOES NOT know that doing drugs is bad? Lemme guess, NO ONE. You knew that, but you still did them. And look where you are now. You dumb fool.

Okay, so coming to the important things. There are supplies under the basement. Yes, UNDER the basement. You were high, soaring I must say when you developed that I-don't-know-what-to-call-it thing under the basement. Go to the basement of the house, find that cold spot. You know.

Step there softly and the floor would open up a bit. you can figure out the rest I suppose. Although you are a greater idiot now. Take the supplies and the map for the safe house. If the safe house is still safe, huh. And do not try to do this at night like an idiot that you are. Do the moving in the day; preferably near noon.

Apply the protection first. Yeah I know it smells gross but you have to. Let it sit for a while. The food capsules are buried in the chest with spider nests. Don't be a wuss and open it. Obviously, it had to be protected that way! Take the remaining drugs. Take everything though. I am so damn angry but nothing could be done now.

If you didn't have had those stupid drugs for the research money, none of this would have happened. You and your stupid friends. Me and my stupid friends. Damn.

Just survive the day. You change into those dumb things at night anyway. And stay away from that hot guy. You know he ruined you, you know. Do not, I repeat, do not under anyyyyyyy circumstances share your supplies with that douchebag. I know he'll still be alive and feeding off on you.

P.S: Try giving him a minimal amount of the reversal drug some way. He is smart, But you better act smarter. Get rid of him, he is useless. Because, if he is still with you, chances are he is not being bothered for anywhere else. And you know what that means.

You can cook him without getting the side effects of The condition. Eat that fool I say. He ruined us. I am damn sure you are short on food in that monstrous world, THAT BY THE WAY YOU AND YOUR DUMB FRIENDS STARTED. I know. Damn, I KNOW. I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS ANGRY WHILE HIGH.

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