The Night-watcher
The Night-watcher  dark stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
this might be unsettling; a bit graphic.

The Night-watcher

So you chose the pitch black of the night To do your dirty deed, Took the lad off to the woods With all the aids you'd need-

You took him straight to the center Of the dark woods; asleep And gagged the little chap up there With a muffler old and cheap-

Poured the potion in a chalice enchanted, And arranged the books in a round, Tied the poor guy up in the center, To a pole firmly bound

Read your filthy spell out loud And cut the weary chum's head, Then round him danced such a dance, That filled my heart with dread

You made the sacrifice; ate his heart And burnt down all the rest And gleeful you stood there with a feeling of achievement, For you thought you had done the best-

But everyone makes a little mistake Unfortunately you did too, For the night-watcher saw all that you did; You forgot it was watching you-

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