The new youth facial!
The new youth facial! vampire stories

badwriter correct my grammatical mistakes :)
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@PoemsAboutLife said vampires. and here we are.

sorry for the pathetic try at making up a country name. hehhee

The new youth facial!

People always ask me, Jane! What do you do to have such a good skin? They are always asking, How do you look so young?!! I can't believe you turned 50 this year! How do you maintain your skin?

But the most popular question: WHAT IS THE SECRET? I'll tell you the secret!

It's my scientifically and medically tested Vampire facial! Your standard facial is not so efficient. The new procedure is simple! No blood, no pinching, no cuts and no pain! What is better than that right!

Your deeply moisturized skin is is steamed moderately to open the pores. The very special Vampire venom, collected directly from our licensed harvesters from a large variety of vampires in the stock is applied according to the need and pH of your skin. And Viola!!!

YES!!! Now you can also have my skin! Just visit your nearest certified youth providers. And do not be afraid! Designed and practiced by professionals; my new vampire facial leaves your skin flawless, tight, fresh and young as if you were 10!!!

Now you can feel like me! Young forever!

( -Only choose the certified spas and salons for the procedure -Check the standard holographic stamp of certification on the license as shown here -May produce slight side effects like increased sun sensitivity, loss of appetite for some days and dehydration in extreme cases.

-Take a patch test before the procedure in case of sensitive skin and venom allergy -Take immediate care in case of adverse effects) Approved by the Ministry of Healthcare, Ministry of Human and non-human Rights and The Government of Narmaisia.

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