The dreams I seldom dream
The dreams I seldom dream love stories

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true story.

The dreams I seldom dream

When eyes do close and we drift apart To the slumber seas in currents smooth And take up the daily voyage of the plight End that we must for the day to start

Thunderstorms of flesh and hail Do make up most of the journey though, Sometimes although a rare occurrence Of sunshine, jasmine and misty gale

The warmth of the sun does hug my soul And traps my heart in a glow divine; Soft wind too touches like a lover's kiss Quietly making me again whole

That girl with the milky scarlet hair That boy that will leave and never return The man who stares at me with his teary eyes And the beloved with lips like roses fair

Sunshine, wind and mist and rain Surrounding me in their holy embrace Dance around me and sing songs forlorn But do not possess any hint of pain

The lover that only comes in the dream The song that only echoes in the reverie, The wind that only blows when eyes closed The glow that only in the night voyage beam

Never comes to me in the light of the day Never the kiss of the forgotten lover mine; Never the excitement of the carefree run in fields Ever with me in the morning light stay.

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