Retrieving the corpses
Retrieving the corpses sad stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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at it again.

Retrieving the corpses

I am stretching my arms So they can reach in the pits of my stomach For there lay the butterflies Dead; Since ages- The butterflies that once Teased my insides with the flutter of their wings, Are now no more It has been quite some time.

I tried coughing them up, And vomiting out their remains, But failed miserably Just as I fail at every other thing- Now my only hope is my hands, But they are short too, My fingers small are not able To clasp the ashen wings From the depths of the pit And to take them out in one scoop

Seems impossible; So now I am going to stretch my limbs hard And make them of size appropriate, Hoping they too don't break in the process.

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