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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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fictional account a bit of my paranoia.
It might be boring. and too long.


I have always liked windows. I love huge windows that take up half the wall. It is so good to sit by them in sweet summer afternoons as the birds chirp softly outside. The bright sun lightens up the whole room and there remains no need for artificial light. Cozy, nostalgic, beautiful and calm.

In monsoon nights when the skies roar and flash while the rooms are dark, we snuggle in our beds waiting to cover our ears after Thor strikes. The open windows let the damp air in and blow away the drapes. As the lightning lights up the room like a hundred suns; reality feels like a fantastic dream.

Sometimes, the moon grown full shimmers it beauteous self in the window panes. You look twice to make sure there is one moon, and not two. It is frightful to have two moons in the sky, isn't it?!

At times the moon takes shape of a strange guest, wearing the hat made from shadow of the clouds; peeping inside as you sleep a kitten's sleep. It shines its smile on your face as you sleep, ignorant of the stranger which casts its ivory shadow onto you.

But Luna doesn't lend her face to the stranger always. Sometimes, few times-- the stranger does stand there with its own face, peeping in as you sleep a kitten's sleep. If you wake up in the middle of the night, you might catch a quick little glimpse just as the stranger vanishes into thin air. You sleep well.

At nights when even the moon doesn't shine; you light up the room and the window remains still. The outside cannot be seen. Often, you feel the stranger standing in the window, peeping in as you work. You don't see the stranger. It is dark outside. The scary story about the ghoul in the window is recalled by your mind. You curse your cousin for

Scaring you when you were kids with that silly story. But sometimes, the story worries you and you keep turning to the window, right?! Children are silly with their silly ghost stories. You know it, but still, your mind alarms you. It is the fear of the unknown perhaps, as you cannot see what is outside in the dark, but the inside can be seen from the outside.

You close the curtains in these times. Brains are silly don't you think? But it still makes you think, what if you open the curtain and there is someone actually peeping? You picture it happening. I have. It is funny. It is quite baseless. But you still fear sometimes. That is why I prefer the one-way mirror kind of window panes.

You can only see from inside, anyone outside will have to press their face against the glass to have a blurry tinted look into the room. It is a great invention right! You don't have to worry about the stranger peeping in anymore.

But what if it presses its face against the pane? It is a dreadful image to imagine. For me at least. the stranger can still see you. You cannot stop it from peeping in. Why does the stranger peep in even? Perhaps it has nothing better to do. Perhaps it is here, only for you.

Fears. Just fear of the unknown. We fear what we don't know. We can know it and leave the fear behind. But you cannot always check the windows. You cannot always know. So the fear remains. But you can barricade all the windows and put electric fences outside them. That way you will know, no one is looking in. Because no one can't.

That is why I prefer CCTV cameras. Good surveillance. You can always know if anyone is out there. You can have alarms. It all can be controlled. You can have detectors to know of a stranger present outside the windows. It is silly, but you never know.

But the stranger might stand there just in case. Maybe outside a door now. You cannot possibly shut the doors and the entrance to the house. Even if you do, how do you know the stranger even needs those ways to get in. Maybe the stranger never leaves.

Maybe the stranger never left.

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