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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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Fiery pits await my descend, The hollow crown of horrid spikes anticipates For its ever hollow queen

Madness takes the form of normalcy, Normalcy, the filthiest of words to swear; The act does not have a drop scene.

The mirror on the wall is broken It does not tell that the fairest I am, Truth the broken shards do speak Splinters a score reflect reality tenfold; Disgust creeps in.

Lighthouse beams its sharp blinding light Upon my flaws that never cease to exist- Reach the beacon so to get rid of the stare, But Sauron's eye does not work that way.

I chastise myself With the lashes of my doubt, Honesty cuts deep into the skin where lashes cannot cut- The double-edged serrated blade can fix it all

Pathetic lumpy liquid oozes out And colours everything the shade of odium- In its sticky repugnant disgrace The disgust takes over-

Cover the mirror with a flower patterned veil Tenfolds reality masked by a majestic lie; Normalcy To hide it all Haze the memory of what there truly is

But the reality remains the same even covered by more intricate veils There is nowhere to hide The eye watches It doesn't blink It sees all It sees all.

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