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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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Nothing is working. I have tried almost every goddamned thing that could be tried but no result. Yeah yeah, I know; now you'll say almost everything means there is still something to be done. Well of course there is! But honey, some things are too off the limit. Too expensive to be done, you get that?

I mean hospitals and doctors are just a hoax. Right?! Damn this 'science' that every so-called enlightened person on this planet is bragging about. Enlightened my ass. Every generation thinks that they are more intelligent and enlightened than their predecessors. So, it's just relative and not factual. Oh well than what even is factual?

Because if you ask them anthropologist, sociologists and philosophers there is no thing as a 'fact' with humans and their life. But who cares about them anyway?! They are not really science people! Anyways, as I was telling that I have tried almost everything. But somethings are not supposed to be tried, are too

risky or just plain expensive (both monetarily and figuratively). So the modern doctor and medicine option is a no and so are the alternative methods. All of them are useless I tell you that. The witch doctors, homeopaths, Chinese; you name it. Now don't start an argument as I am speaking from experience. And you know a funny thing? I have tried the 'spiritual' thingy too.

Yeah that's right. Damn these spiritualists. Now I know you are just about to vomit the 'what are the remaining methods' questions. I am getting there dontcha worry dears. So, you see that some things are too risky, too dangerous and well illegal too--hence off limits as I mentioned. I am having second thoughts about them.

Now the option that remains has all the problems: it's super illegal, it is hella dangerous, too expensive and there a a huge possibility of it backfiring. One other thing is that finding an expert in that field is difficult too. And dangerous. And expensive. And illegal. Ugh.

So unless I somehow manage to find a first-class necromancer, my poor babe remains dead. Sigh.

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