I see you
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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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Hi.. I am a creep. taannnxxxx

inspired a bit by the song One way or another- Untill the ribbon breaks

I see you

I see you from there Don't think that I don't care When the lights are all gone And no one seems to dare

I see your face tanned From where I humbly stand Staring at your face so sweet Lain on that pillow grand

You toss and you turn Tangling your locks bright auburn Like the flames of love That in my heart burn

You yawn and then you twist Your tiny creamy wrist While of the the love I feel My hand turns into a fist

I try to break the glass But cannot do it, alas And keep my feet steady Just where I stand on the grass

It is now almost dawn And I am still in your lawn Should go back to my home quick Before wakes up your boyfriend John

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