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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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I am thinking of an absurd tale. God help me. hahahahhaahaha

Him lll

It's the rats. His room is in the basement, and there are rats there. and secondly the guys come there for drugs and stuff. That is why he didn't want me to go there. And I kept thinking such stupid things!

Although we can study anywhere, but he tends to remain in the campus. He doesn't like going out much. But its nice I guess. Most of the other guys are just invested in silly experimentation with stuff (you know what I mean, right?!), he remains clean. Or at least that is what I know.

But I don't really have much evidence to be skeptical of him. He is a nice person. That is why I thought he was imaginary. Ha ha! I mean you know the joke; Nice guys are present in every corner of the Earth, but Earth is round.

Yeah yeah, I know, the joke is too 2007! But it fits. He doesn't have many friends too. Shy kinda guy my man is! But he is quite popular with the faculty and the administration though. He is a good student, intelligent and of course as discussed before; nice. So the explains the popularity with the biggies. Lol.

I talk just too much about him don't I? He'll call me crazy if he ever reads my ramblings. Well he always calls me crazy although. But you know, I still am less crazy than him. I mean he fell for ME !!! Who is the crazier one you tell me. ;p

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