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uh.. well, this might be confusing.. may be.. heh never mind.


She put the gun to her head. Her hands trembled as she started putting pressure on the trigger. The whole cafe was busy chatting. The hum of the people made her more irritated. Why did no one care? Did no one cared if a girl stood with a gun to her in the center of the cafe, ready to blow her head apart? May be they didn't.

Boom. The trigger was pulled. People remained seated comfortably, munching their food, talking--not caring. Is this a cafe for the deaf?, she thought. Dead people don't think although.

Then why did she? Oh damn. Why am I not dead yet? Why is there no blood? Oh right, there is the blood. Phew! Owh I heard you can die in a dream...Why not in this one? Umn... What? No sir, I am trying to kill myself...No I am not interested in going outside, it is raining outside. I don't want my socks to get wet. Ugh...please sir!

What the hell? I don't want to die in rain.... Oh, but the blood is getting off! Yeah well at least my dress would be cleaner in the rain. Oh hey! what?....I can't hear you? Whaaat??? Oh, I am sorry I just wanted to kill myself here. May I ? Oh thank you so much ma'am.

Sure! Boom.

You keep reliving the memory, You can't let go of it. How are you supposed to get out of the misery then? Hmn? Stop thinking about what happened please! At least try not to. Come on now, let us go outside for a stroll! Here take this, it will ease the pain. And no fuss now, okay?

This one comes with a silencer.

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