Change of Plan
Change of Plan dark stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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i don't think it really fits the prompt. but still.

Change of Plan

I guess I shall don My old skin tonight The ancient rusty dress That reminds me of my plight

Two snaps it takes To change the attire Before I drop down On my bed and retire

I have to be that quick For how speedily scenarios change And I need a lot of skins To cater for the range

Quick changes my red lip To the purple hue of gloom While roses of my cheeks Cease to bloom

Quick unfurls from my head The thick bun of my hair Cascading on my back That now from clothes is bare

Quick turns off the lights in my eyes And take their place two deathly holes Depth vast like the pits of hell Dark extreme like a sinner's soul

Quick turn my teeth that glisten so bright Into sweet little pointed fangs Drool drips from my frothy snarl When my spiky jaws clang

But don't you worry for my state stern It takes two snaps as I've told you before To turn back to whatever I touch Leave behind that haunting gore

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