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badwriter correct my grammatical mistakes :)
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it has deeper meanings. how many can you find?


This is subject A7668OP Subject has been in the treatment of formula 779 for exactly seven days. This is the morning of day 7, 9 A.M sharp.

The subject has been showing gradual change since day 4. The subject has shown rapid change since day 6, that is yesterday. I can see a very clear change in the conditions that were recorded at 9 A.M, day 6.

The subject shows clear and tight skin. Subject shows no signs of adverse effects of the formula 779. The subject cannot laugh and eat and cannot smile. The subject is having difficulty blinking their eyes.

The subject shows no apparent sign of pain or discomfort. The skin of the subject shows remarkable change in just 7 days of the treatment. The subject's skin looks like fine porcelain.

The subject A7668OP shows positive results of the tested formula 779 thus marking the success of the experiment by being one of the 89% successful subjects. The formula is proven safe for general population. The formula can be now administered by professionals in 10% dilution.

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