An old acquaintance
An old acquaintance  dreamcatcher stories

badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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The Dreamcatcher's old friend.

An old acquaintance

***** Oh realm of sleep Why do I have to weep? To have an audience with you-- For days and days, And nights and nights, I have only seen that crimson hue

In eyes bloodied red With dreams barren, lost- These orbs mine, crystal blue; They cry and mourn For their slumber bygone, And pray for a whole, peaceful night to sleep through... ******

He stared at the laptop's screen for a brief moment. This is bullshit, he thought. He saved the document anyway and turned it off.

He looked at the time. It was 2:25; again. A sigh left his parched lips as he rested his head on the heap of pillows. The medication has had long stopped working and he was afraid of taking any more dosage. He already took much. And also, everyone around him had been telling him to not increase it.

He had never been suicidal even with conditions; overdosing wasn't his cup of tea. But maybe he could take some pills tonight for it had been a week precisely since he last took them. It was safe. He took three sleeping pills and prayed to sleep.

But what sleep even had he prayed for? The little medicated sleep he had, had been infested by screams and wails for a long time. Who knew that the natural need to sleep may become a terrifying requirement to survive. He had to beg to sleep, and then beg, even more, to wake up. *********

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