An old acquaintance lV
An old acquaintance lV dreamcatcher stories

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An old acquaintance lV

It should have been scary. The catcher had put all effort into making her voice all low and growling, but the nightmare had gone away and there was no fear left. He just sat there, calmly teasing the feathers of the catcher.

''Why not?'', he asked curiously, still examining the feathers. ''I don't know. It's just how it works. I rarely question the ministry's orders'. Liar.

''Oh. Right. Yeah well, you can't just go anywhere right? I mean they have the info not you. It would be time wasting to pop into a good dream. Right? No. I mean, because the job would suffer. Oh wait. IS THAT WHY YOU ARE ALWAYS LATE???'' ''I AM NOT ALWAYS LATE''.

''Sorry. Just thinking you knowwww!''. People still think in dreams, no matter how absurd the dream is or how bizzarre the thoughts. The mind keeps working. Sometimes, you solve mysteries in your dreams. Sometimes you create them. Its just how dreams work.

''But. Don't they have other catchers?'' ''No. Or atleast not any that I know of!''. That was something the catcher had thought about at various instances. There was never any news of another catcher, nor any indication whatsoever. It was the catcher who had to fly away all the

damn time, one second here, somewhere else the next. Always on the go. ''Well, so you are late because you are the only one!''. ''YES. YESSSS! I am the only catcher. Well, I mean, except for my dear old catcher right!''.

They both chuckled. He have had some relief after a long time. It was good. Everything was good. The wind was cool, the sun had dimmed under the cool grey clouds and the road was calm. They sat watching the cars go by smoothly from the top of the building. He felt tears forming in his chest. It all was too beautiful.

The job was done. The catcher had to leave now.

''When will you visit again?''. He had sensed her departure. Good things didn't remain with him much often and good dreams especially did not. ''Oh. You know I don't know that. Whenever I am told. But for now, you have this good dream!'' ''Do I?''

''Yes. Its good dream day today. Dream good till morn deary. I hope you don't have to seek me any time soon.'' ''Hah. As if I can. You'll make me forget it again. You'll make me forget YOU again.'' ''Yes...''

He had to forget. His dreams, his writings, his thoughts...they were already quite undigestable for the people around him. A some one who some times caught his bad dreams in a pearly sieve was even more ridiculous to know. Maybe, someone someday might be allowed to remember.

The catcher waved the catcher in front of the dreamer. ''Sweet dreams''.

Someone else was waiting for the catcher now.

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