An old acquaintance ll
An old acquaintance ll dreamcatcher stories

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An old acquaintance ll

The road was dark. The headlights of the bus were faintly lighting the way. Everyone was talking, but he couldn't understand a word. All his friends were there, his crush too. He heard her say something but as he turned back he could not find her in the crowd. It was a damp night.

''SHUT THE WINDOWS. SHUT THE DAMN WINDOWS. THEY ARE HERE!!!''. The driver was screaming on the top of his voice. All of the passengers started screaming. A dull panic rose from his gut. Where did she go? he thought. Suddenly it felt that people had increased in the bus. His chest started feeling heavy.

The bus stopped and somehow vanished at once. The sun was shining bright on his head, the uneasiness prevailed. The traffic was jammed and they had to make their way across the road, trying to be safe from the traffic and the highway kept getting more twisted, more jammed and longer.

The ground was shaking beneath his feet. The panic got severe. This time he couldn't breathe at all.

He remembered this happening once before. Many years ago, the same breathlessness had occurred but he was saved. His sight had started to blur. ''It's just a dream, just a dream. I am dreaming. You can't die in a dream. You''. He was talking to himself, but not anymore.

He was practically choking now. It didn't feel like sleep paralysis though. He keot repeating in his mind that it was a dream. You can't die in a dream, he thought.

But you could die in your sleep.

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