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'Which one?' Sara asked them, displaying three dresses on the bed. 'I like the red one, but I wore red yesterday too-- so I am a bit confused!'. 'So what if you wore red yesterday!?', Aminah replied rolling her eyes. 'As if anyone notices that much! And even if they do you can always say ''oh red is sooo my colourrrr'. haha''', Aminah added.

'So green then? Hey! Look at me and tell me all of you', Sara said angrily. 'Yeah yeah we are telling you. Ummn, i like the green and the red one is great too but I love the peach one. so..!', Shahid said abruptly. They didn't like making her angry as it followed a lot of name calling, sarcasm on about everything for at least three days and a badly made up face.

'So which one exactly? Red, green or peach???' 'Ah, peach! Final answer', he looked at her with puppy dog eyes. 'Peach makes you look fat', Rida chipped in her not so valuable opinion while filing her nails. 'I say wear the green one, it's just another meeting anyway! You better revise your presentation'.

'Why don't you do a toss eh?'. 'Seriously Ahmad?' 'Aaa yep! I mean just... you know. Ah just wear whatever you like , wear the red one okay? It really is your colour!', Ahmad tried flattery. 'You know what, you guys are no help at all! Never any help', Sara made a face again. 'Sara!!!'. Her mother peeped inside the room.

'It's almost 8 Sara and you are not ready yet.What are you doing here alone? Get ready quickly now. okay! Breakfast is ready'. 'Yeah I am just coming, can't decide the dress', she said sheepishly. 'Just wear anything hon! Wear the red one, it looks nice on you. And hurry up now!'.

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