The Past of no learning
The Past of no learning sadness stories

badoodz Reconnecting with my inner self
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My thoughts today as I was caught up thinking about my past and what made me feel about it.

The Past of no learning

I found myself struggling in the mud,

quicksand of my emotions and insecurities.

But nobody can see me, so there's noone who can help.

I have looked back on my life and hated what I was

I looked back on why I am like this and I blame all

I was never wrong, I am always right

Forcing others to acknowledge my feelings

Never really caring about friends

The past that I was, is still the me now

Nothing's new, Nothing's change

A pathetic loser, caught up in another person's game

But what am I to do, as noone taught me life

If only I knew since I reached 3, I would have not used that in me.

I would have fought off the offenders

I would have been more pretty

I would have dated many or be a king's wife

But I didn't, I did nothing..

I allowed bad people and bad things to come near me

Was it because I was lonely?

If I knew how to fight and that I can fight

the future me would have been bright

Why is the reset button not available in this lifetime

How can I be better, how can I be me

All my hopes are vanishing

Why does it have to be me

The landslide of emotions, is burying me...

If you can teach me now, I'll change! Show me how and I'll follow! Just somebody, please help me...

My future is far and hard to reach As the chains of the past is still attached to me

This struggles are never ending But I really just want to rest...

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