Spoil of War
Spoil of War erotic stories
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Settings: The year was 1648, a century of Spanish colonization of the Philippines but a war just broke against the Spaniards. The Dutch has just waged war against Spain and wants to liberate the Filipinos.

Spoil of War

Settings: The year was 1648, a century of Spanish colonization of the Philippines but a war just broke against the Spaniards.

The Dutch has just waged war against Spain and wants to liberate the Filipinos.


Isabel - She lost her parents when Spaniards attack their village tribe when she was just 12 y/o.

At the age of 14, she would brave going to the nearest town and visit the owner of the pub where Spanish soldiers would frequent. She learned how to read and write by the help of the pub owner.

At 21 y/o she left the tribe and started living and fending for herself.

Bastiaen - A Dutch soldier, deployed in the Philippines to fight against Spain. He was a raised from a middle class family with 10 other brothers and 5 sisters.

Wanting to be different, he decided to participate in the war against Spain. He was 23 y/o.


"Century of oppression will end soon!" Isabel's friend exclaimed as he visited her in one of the secret cellar of the pub.

The pub owner has just received news from one of his regular customers that the Spaniards are preparing for war against the Dutch and they are rallying men to defend the Zamboanga port.

He tried to explain to Isabel what he knows about the Dutch and their caused. "I am just relieved that they did not recruit you.

It must be good to be a hundred years old!" Isabel teased the pub owner to ease his tension from the news.

Before the sun sets, she bid farewell the pub owner and returned home following her secret route - where no carriages or even people travels on.

Almost near her home, she stumbled on a pair of legs laying as if lifeless. She discovered a body - covered with dead leaves, earth and blood.

A soft moan spoke from the body - a dutch soldier - his leg and arm wounded from a gun.

Fearing that her home may be discovered if a body was found in the path, she carried the soldier to her house.

She dragged the soldier's almost lifeless body to her straw bed - she then prepared water, clothes and herbal medicines to tend to the soldier's gun wounds.

After several hours, Isabel was able to bring down the soldier's fever, removed bullets, stitched the wounds and dress it up. But she was not able to help the soldier out of coma.

The next day, Isabel has decided to give the soldier a bath. She started to wiped his face, his neck, his arms, his chest, his abdomen. Every wipe, was slow - deliberate - going down...

It gave Isabel a sensation that she has never felt before. Her loin is desiring something from this man.

As she continues to gently wipe - down to the soldier's thigh, her arm brushed on to something hard and long. Something underneath the blanket was trying to escape.

She stood abruptly, clashing with the basin of water, dropping the wash cloth from her hand. She checked on the soldier's face and saw no sign of waking up.

Curious at what it was, she walked slowly as if afraid of making a noise, reaching closer to the blanket... uncovering the soldier's massive erection.

Wide eyes, she stared at the pulsating member of the soldier as if it was just brought to life.

Isabel got more curious so she touched it from head to shaft feeling it's skin and it's hardness - stroking it gently up and down. "aaaahh....

" a deep low moan escaped the soldier's mouth involuntarily. She looked at the soldier's face and noticed his lips gained rosy colors.

With the soldier's lips apart and deep heaving of his chest - Isabel wants more. She slowly increased her strokes but no moan came out from the soldier.

She then also caressed his to two hairy balls yet no moan. As if desperate, wanting to hear the soldier's deep voice again - she kissed the round top of the shaft.

Her kisses turned to licks, savoring every bit of the soldier's cock. As she enjoyed licking the head, she focused her lips there and started sucking it.

Finally, the soldier released his deep moan together with his semen. Instinctively, Isabel swallowed the cum and gave a final lick bath to the soldier's cock before letting it rest.

Every day, Isabel would give the soldier a bath and everyday the soldier's cock stood erect as if the soldier is unconsciously saying "thank you for taking care of me.

Here's my offerings to you." She would treat it as a gift from the soldier, admiring it's majestic hardness, it's thickness and it's length.

Every stroke gives an electrifying pleasure to Isabel.

"I want you inside me" talking to the soldier's cock, "I want you so desperately" Her lust to the soldier is growing - unfulfilled - but she cannot do anything about it.

She wants the soldier's cock, but she also wants his hands on her breast and his lips on hers. She wants more but she cannot have it until he is unconscious.

Even if the object of her desire is just within reach, she is still patient. A week had passed and the soldier's wounds were healing fast.

She decided to go to town first and visit the pub owner to hear any news about the war and if someone is looking for the dutch soldier.

When the sun set, the soldier's body was aching for something but is not getting any. As if he cannot wait any longer, Bastiaen finally woke up.

Rebooting, his brain is reconnecting to his body - pain started shooting back coming from his arm and leg. Shocked from the delayed pain, he let out a loud cry.

He tried to move and sit up and was surprised that he was able to without so much pain as he anticipated.

He looked around and saw that he was in a very humble home everything is just within an arm reach - except for the toilet.

As he was about to stand up, the door burst open and a woman with long black hair, skinny features but with huge breasts came huffing in the open door. "She's a goddess.

" Bastiaen felt that he knew this woman and that he has been desiring her for a long time. Isabel rushed towards Bastiaen clasping her hands on his face, checking if he really is awake and okay.

At the frantic face of Isabel, he smiled sweetly. He reached over her cheek and brought her face closer to him.

His lips touching her ears, he said "thank you" to her in a deeply and enchanting voice. Isabel bit her lower lip, she cannot take the heat anymore.

She stood up and walked a little bit far from the soldier but still within reach.

She started with her blouse, pulling up over her head - exposing her plump breasts and perky nipples, pink with anticipation.

Seeing the lust in the eyes of the soldier, she then went to remove her long skirt revealing a bushy pubic area. Slowly she walked towards the soldier, holding his gaze unto her.

Carefully placing her knees on the soldiers outer thigh, while her breasts brushing the soldiers lips. She teased him some more - offering her bosoms to feed and he took it.

Gently licking, biting and kissing her breasts. "uhhhhh..." she uttered as the soldier feed on her. She sat on him and started kissing him.

Her nether region was tasting his hard shaft - grinding and caressing each other - lusting to be inside. "I am new to this soldier. I am still a virgin.

" Isabel whispered to Bastiaen hoping that the pleasures they are feeling will not be abruptly stopped.

Bastiaen slipped his hands to her bottom and gave it a lustful squeeze. "I'll take care of you", he said while he lays her down on her back.

Forgetting the pain the stitches of his arm and leg, he positioned himself infront of Isabel and gently push his long hard cock inside her. Isabel pain and desire all at once. She wants him all.

Bastiaen continues to pull and push half of his dick inside Isabel - helping her to adjust from the pain.

When he finally knew that she is ready to take it all, he thrust his all up to the balls - giving to Isabel what she wants.

Blood has dripped on Bastiaen's arms as they both silently scream in the middle of the night. He came inside her as she had her first orgasm.

Isabel attended to his wounds - restitches his arm and dressed it up fresh. He said his name is Bastiaen and was a Dutch soldier.

He came to the Philippines hoping to free the country from the Spaniards. He told her stories about his country, about why they hate Spain and why took up arms and joined the forces.

He also told her about his family, his sisters and brothers quirks and what he loves about them. He spares no details about him as he wants Isabel to know the outside world thru his stories.

Only when the sun rose did they stop and slept. Naked bodies embracing each other.

It was already night time when Bastiaen woke. He was sweetly awakened by the gentle shaking and moaning of Isabel as she rides him.

Isabel gave him a seductive smile as she continues to enjoy the soldier's huge cock. When nearing the peak, she urgently rocks him feeling him getting more swollen inside her.

She came - her body involuntary twitching and her breathing winded. But Bastiaen has not came yet. He told her to peak on her window with her bottom perked up.

He took her - fucked her like an animal - just like what her body needed.

He cannot get enough of her - with every lunge he would play with her clitoris - teasing and pinching it with every deep thrust. Isabel came again but she still wants more.

Bastiaen took her leg and made her face him - she holding onto his neck for support. Bastiaen went deeper and Isabel felt it. Her walls were stopping him from pulling out.

His fingers, playing her clit some more and his other hand twisting her nipples. They are both reaching the climax - "I'm coming... ahhh.... ahhhh....

" Isabel cannot contain herself and moaned with so much pleasure as she also felt Bastiaen's throbbing cock inside her.

The war ended, the dutch were defeated and the Philippines was still under the Spaniards colony. But Bastiaen remains in Zamboanga. Everyday, always inside his goddess' pleasure home.

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