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badlands17 An average 19 yo guy going through life
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You know when they talk about “butterflies” in our stomachs when we are in love? Well heartbreak made my butterflies turn into moths


As the smile fell from my face hope fell with it All the desperate fantasies that soothed my mind for a bit

Came crashing down, caught in a gust Just to end up in the sad, cold reality, left in the dust

You built me up like a tower Just to watch me crumble down under the weight of the realization That my love for you was just gonna leave me feeling sour

The bittersweet flavor I was so addicted to led me to damnation.

The rainbow-colored butterflies that once blissfully stormed into my stomach every time your fingers brushed on mine

Stopped urging for a love that would never come, for those candy coated lies, for a pair of glittering eyes;

And so they turned into colorless moths, flying uncontrollably attracted only to the light of souls that don’t shine;

They don’t look for tenderness and passion anymore, they are just drawn to the glare of lust after the sunrise.

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